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School Girl Won't Repent Add to Shopping Cart


Gloria Guida, Alvaro Vitale

In Spanish only. Gloria Guida stars as that hard to get, nubile schoolgirl who eventually

surrenders her virginity to the local teenage stud. But not until she has prickteased the entire

male student class. Alvaro Vitale co-stars as a frustrated teacher who damn near passes out

when one of his female students fellates her flute in music class!

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School teacher Goes To Boy's School Add to Shopping Cart


Edwige Fenech, Renzo Montagnini

This Italian sexy comedy features Edwige Fenech as a foreign language teacher who finds

herself in charge of a roomful of horny boys. They all want to get into her pants (and even

fantasize that she does a strip routine while teaching them their lessons!) but she'll have none

of that. Meanwhile, a wealthy industrialist (Renzo Montagnani) goes undercover as a poor man

to escape kidnappers and he too wants a piece of Fenech's ass. Too bad his son has a head

start. Fenech is wonderful and you have to thank director Mario Laurenti for that gratuitous

shower scene

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Sex With A Smile 2 Add to Shopping Cart

Sergio Martino 1978

Ursula Andress, Barbara Bouchet, Nadia Cassini

A 4 part anthology of sexy comedy stories directed by Sergio Martino. THE DETECTIVE-A

private eye and his inept assistant are hired by a jealous husband to spy on his wife. The

detective ends up forgetting about his own horny bombshell at home and you can guess the

rest. THE RINGER-A female soccer team's best player goes down with a serious injury. The

coach hires a male soccer star to pose as a woman to replace her. Shower scenes dominate

this gender bender. THE TROJAN WARDROBE-A philandering producer and his wife (Barbara

Bouchet) go on a boating trip. He comes up with an excuse to leave and returns home to his

hot French mistress. He doesn't know a robber has beat him to it in more ways than one. ONE

STEP TO PARADISE-Marina (Ursula Andress) and her lover decide to consumate their affair

right under her husband's nose.

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Sexy Relations Add to Shopping Cart

Sergio Martino 1975

This sex comedy, directed by Sergio Martino, centers on a young man who falls madly in lust

with his prick-teasing cousin. She drives him crazy by undressing, bathing and screwing his

friends, right in front of the poor bastard! Rosalba Neri co-stars as the family maid but has no

nude scenes

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Sin In The Provinces Add to Shopping Cart


Femi Benussi, Renzo Montagnini

In Italian only, letterboxed print. Excellent Italian sex comedy with 2 of its biggest stars, Femi

Benussi and Renzo Montagnini. When a rich man dies at his country estate, his poor brother

comes to straighten out his affairs. He soon discovers the country side is crawling with willing

young ladies and he's especially impressed with the old man's mistress!

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Snow White And The 7 Wise Men Add to Shopping Cart

Mario Bianchi 1985

Michella Mita, Aldo Sambrell

Michela Mita and Aldo Sambrell star in this sleazy film by Mario Bianchi. A sexed-up romp

featuring a horny evil queen, big breasted snow white and lots of horny dwarves!!

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Soft Beds Hard Battles Add to Shopping Cart


Peter Sellers, Lila Kedrova, Beatrice Romand

Peter Sellers (in multiple roles), Beatrice Romand, Jenny (SCARS OF DRACULA) Hanley, and

Lila Kedrova star in this British sex comedy set at a whorehouse during WW2. Sellers plays

Hitler, a Japanese general and British officer. Lots of nudity too!

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Speaking Of The Devil Add to Shopping Cart


Bud Spencer, Thierry Llhermite, Jean Sorel, Carol Alt, Ian Bannen

Holy Brother (Jean Sorel) sends his best Angel Victor (Thierry Llhermite) to Earth to fight for

the soul of a wayward man (Bud Spencer). Meanwhile, Lucifer (Ian Bannen) sends the sexy

Veronica (Carol Alt) to influence Spencer in a different direction. Alt gets to wear lots of sexy

outfits in this comedy.

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Spermula Add to Shopping Cart


Dale Haddon, Udo Kier

In English for the first time! Big Mother of the planet Spermula gathers together her Star

Whores and sends them to Earth to suck all the sperm from the males so they can no longer

reproduce and be ripe for a takeover. Udo Kier and Dale Haddon co-star in this hilarious sci-fi

sex comedy packed with nudity. They even stole some Goblin music for the score!

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Taxi Girl Add to Shopping Cart

Massimo Michelle Tarantini 1977

Edwige Fenech, George Hilton, Alvaro Vitali

In Italian only, letterboxed print. Edwige Fenech stars (and has some nice nude scenes) in this

wonderful sexy comedy co-starring George Hilton, Alvaro Vitali and directed by Michele

Massimo Tarantini. Oh man, how can you lose when the opening credits has fenech driving

through town in her taxi, buck naked!! It just gets better from there in this episodic but very

fun manic comedy

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The Adolescent Add to Shopping Cart


Daniela Giordano, Dagmar Lassander

In Italian Only. Daniela Giordano and Dagmar Lassander star in this sexy Italian comedy (and

provide plenty of nudity too). A local teenage nymphet spends all her time distracting the

husbands of the two lead actresses so they decide to get even.

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The Amorous Milkman Add to Shopping Cart


Julie Ege, Roy Kinnear, Diana Dors

Davy is a hard working milkman who delivers more than just cow juice to the women on his

route. He spends every waking hour going from bed to bed. His conquests include Julie Ege and

Diana Dors among others. Roy Kinnear cameos of course there's plenty of nudity in this British

sex comedy.

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The Blonde And The Black Pussycat Add to Shopping Cart


Edwige Fenech

Edwige Fenech co-stars in this German sex film about a group of Aristocrats staying at a castle

who are visited by a horny troop of locals

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The Click Add to Shopping Cart


Florence Guerin

If you haven't seen this film, it's time to rectify the situation! Based on Milo Manera's comic

DECLIC, it's about a guy who has a device that turns women into raving nymphomaniacs (only

in the movies!). He decides on one woman and makes her life a living hell of degradation. This

film will make you a fan of Florence Guerin for life

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The Doctor And His Sexy Student Add to Shopping Cart

Silvio Amadio 1976

Gloria Guida, Susan Scott

In Italian only. Alright! here's a great sexy comedy with Gloria Guida, Susan Scott and oh

yeah, NUDITY!! The reason this one delivers is because of the director: Silvio Amadio who

made AMUCK and the one of Guida's best-SO YOUNG SO BEAUTIFUL SO VISCIOUS. Now with

all that going for it is the plot really hard to figure out

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The Lady Medic Add to Shopping Cart

nando Cicero 1977

Edwige Fenech, Alvaro Vitale

PAYDIRT FOR EDWIGE FENECH FILM FANS!! Not only is there plenty of nudity, but the film is

dubbed in english. Sexy comedy by Nando Cicero (he also made THE SEXY SCHOOLTEACHER

which is still available) that co-stars Alvaro Vitali as the horny and fart prone patient. Fenech is

a doctor to a bunch of losers in the military who would much rather give her a physical than

vice versa! Features a lot of politically incorrect humor that would never be allowed these days.

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The Nurse At The Military Madhouse Add to Shopping Cart


Nadia Cassini, Susan Scott, Karin Schubert, Lino Banfi, Alvaro Vitali

Nadia Cassini (and her perfect ass!), Karin Schubert, Lino Banfi, Alvaro Vitali  Susan Scott

(She's nude practically every scene she's in!) and Carmen Russo star in this wacky and very

sexy Italian comedy in English for the first time! Cassini is a nurse hired on at a military

nuthouse. There is a lot of plot twists but Hell, there's lots of nudity too and that's what counts!

The plot involves a military nutzoid and lots of cash so someone is working undercover to find it.

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The Playbirds Add to Shopping Cart


Mary Millington

British sex queen Mary Millington stars as an undercover police woman who plays a stripper out

to snare a sex mad killer. It seems he's stalking and killing centerfold models who pose for

porno magazines. A tongue in cheek take on the Italian Giallo

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The Sexy Schoolteacher Add to Shopping Cart


Edwige fenech

Edwige Fenech fans look here!! A prequel to HIGHSCHOOL TEACHER GOES TO BOY'S SCHOOL,

she returns as the teacher who drives all her male students wild. They are always catching

peeks of her nude body in the shower or fantasizing about making it with her. One of Fenech

best sex films with plenty of nudity, don't miss this one!

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The Unconsolable Widow Wishes To Thanks All Add to Shopping Cart


Edwige Fenech

Just try and imagine that title on a theater marquee! Edwige Fenech stars as newly widowed

young thing who claims (falsely) that she's pregnant with her late husband's child so she can

claim his inheritance. She has to find a volunteer to screw her (that shouldn't be too tough)

before the late husband's brothers end up with all the cash.

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The Viking Who Came From The South Add to Shopping Cart


Lando Buzzanca, Pamela Tiffin

In Italian only. Terrific sex comedy starring Pamela Tiffin (who has some nice rare nude

scenes) and Lando Buzzanca. Tiffin plays a sex film star who is chased by an innocent loser

played by Buzzanca

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The Virgin, The Bull, And The Capricorn Add to Shopping Cart

Sergio Martino 1974

Edwige Fenech, Ray Lovelock, Renzo Montagnini, Olga Bisera, Erna Scheurer, Ria De

In Italian only. For fans of Edwige Fenech here's a sexy comedy that doesn't stint on the nudity

(she takes a LOT of showers!). Fenech plays the wife of a philandering husband (now come-on,

you're married to Fenech and you want to fool around on her?, Bullshit!!). He has affairs with

his neighbor (Ria De Simone), his secretary (Olga Bisera), and family friend (Erna Scheurer).

Meanwhile, she leaves him and falls in lust with a married man (Ray Lovelock). She eventually

returns to her husband with the understanding they can screw whomever they want

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Vices In The Family Add to Shopping Cart

Mario Laurenti 1975

Edwige Fenech, Susan Scott, Renzo Montagnini, Orchidea De Santis

A man (Renzo Montagnini) fresh out of prison, is picked up by a woman who offers him $10,000

to sleep with her brother's wife (Susan Scott) so he'll divorce her, allowing the sister to share a

future inheritance. Things really get screwed up when the brother's illegitimate daughter

(Edwige Fenech) shows up to drive both Montagnini and the brother's young son into a state of

extreme horniness! Lots of nudity by Fenech, Scott and Orchidea De Sanctis. Directed by Mario


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What's Up Nurse? Add to Shopping Cart

Derek Ford 1977

Kate Williams, Felicity Devonshire

Directed by the King of British sex films, Derek Ford, he certainly delivers with this one. Kate

Williams and felicity Devonshire co-star. When the new doctor arrives at the hospital, painfully

stuck in a sexual position, you have to wonder how long he'll be around. Especially since the

girl he's stuck in is his boss' daughter. Turns out she can only reach a sexual climax in a

moving vehicle. A romp!!

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What's Up Superdoc? Add to Shopping Cart

Derek Ford 1977

Julia Goodman, Angela Green, Harry Corbett

British sex romp about a doctor who in his early days made money by visiting the local sperm

bank. When it gets out he fathered 837 children, all boys, every woman in town lines up to get

their own special injection. Julia Goodman, Angela Green and Harry Corbett co-star. Derek

Ford directs

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Young Dracula Add to Shopping Cart

Lucio Fulci 1974

Lando Buzzanca, Sylva Koscina, John Steiner

Letterboxed print. Hilarious but politically incorrect sex comedy by Lucio Fulci. Lando Buzzanca

is a homophobic businessman who travels to Transylvania where he's seduced by Count

Dracula (John Steiner) and his vampire brides. The next day he discovers he was bitten by the

Count and since he was gay, Buzzanca is convinced he is too. He returns home and goes out of

his way to be macho with hilarious results. Lots of nudity including Sylva Koscina who plays

Buzzanca's disinterested wife.

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Zito Quando Parli Add to Shopping Cart


Aldo Maccione, Edwige Fenech

In Italian only. Aldo Maccione plays a loser who fantasizes about being a secret agent. Soon his

fantasies become a reality on a trip to the Middle East. His fantasy lover (EDWIGE FENECH!)

also shows up in the flesh (she looks great in a nude bath tub sequence!!) so hopefully he'll get

a chance to get laid before he gets killed!

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Zucchero, Miele, E Pepperocino Add to Shopping Cart

Sergio Martino 1980

Edwige Fenech, Dagmar Lassander

n Italian only. 3 part episodic sex comedy by Sergio Martino starring Edwige Fenech and

Dagmar Lassander (both have some nice nudity here!). lino Bnfi is mistaken for a criminal and

so Fenech moves in to get an exclusive story. To get him to talk she starts to strip!!

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