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Factor One Add to Shopping Cart
Cyril Frank 1966
Stewart Granger, Susann Hampshire, Sophie Hardy, Eddi Arent
Rare Edgar Wallace film starring Stewart Granger, Susan Hampshire, Sophie Hardy, and Eddi
Arent. Granger is a Scotland Yard inspector looking into a series of mysterious deaths. They
are traced to a countryside estate where a mad scientist in conjunction with a bunch of nuns
are working on a device to rule the world. Granger is great here and Hardy is incredibly sexy,
directed by Cyril Frank.
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Fight To The Death Add to Shopping Cart
Jose De La Loma 1977
John Saxon, Francisco Rabal in english with greek subs
ohn Saxon plays a mad dog bank robber out to pull off one last job. It goes wrong and he and
his cohorts (including lover Blanca Estrada) try to escape into the mountains but are pursued
by a very determined cop (Francisco Rabal). Directed by Jose De La Loma.
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For The Death Of A cop Add to Shopping Cart
Christopher Frank 1981
Alain Delon, Anne Parillaud
Alain Delon stars and Christophe Frank directs this violent but at times filled with sick humor
that also stars Anne Parillaud (who gets raped!), Daniel Ceccaldi and Annick Lane. Delon is a
former cop (of course) who gets involved in the search for a blind girl. Before he knows it,
there are 2 quick murders and he is the prime suspect! Can he find her and clear his name?
Violent and quirky.
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For The Ladies Add to Shopping Cart
Bernard Borderie 1966
Eddie Constatine, Yvonne Molnaur, Francoise Brion
In French with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Eddie Constatine, Francoise Brion, Claudine
Coster, and Yvonne Monlaur star in this rare Lemmy Caution film as a womanizing, fist fighting
ladies man/adventurer. He ends up investigating the murder of a rich industrialist and
fortunately for him all the suspects are beautiful women!! Bernard Borderie directs
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Frame-Up Add to Shopping Cart
Emilio Miraglia 1967
Henry Silva, Beba Loncar, Evelyne Stewart
Here's a special deal. These 2 films are different edits of the same material and so make for a
fascinating viewing experience. So, I will put both versions on one dvd-r for the price of $15.
Henry Silva stars as a man framed for murder (he's a hitman but this one he didn't do! Keenan
Wynn, and Beba Loncar and Evelyn Stewart co-star. A trippy film that you'll appreciate even
more when you see the 2 different versions here!
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Free Hand For A Tough Cop Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1976
Tomas Milian, Claudio Cassinelli
Letterboxed print. One of Lenzi's better but more obscure crime films, now available in a wide
screen print. Claudio Cassinelli is a tough cop who goes to prison undercover to recruit a con
(TOmas Milian) to help with a case he's working on. Tough and violent, it features that patented
urban gritty musical score.
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From Corleone To Brooklyn Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1978
Maurizio Merli widescreen print
Another crime mini-masterpiece by Umberto Lenzi. Lt Berni (Maurizio Merli) has to make peace
with a killer who's the only witness to a gangland murder that can send Mafia boss Berazi to
prison. The two must travel from Italy to New York with both the Mafia and corrupt policemen
out to kill them
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From The Police With Thanks Add to Shopping Cart
Enrico Maria Salerno widescreen print
Want to know where Clint Eastwood got the idea to make MAGNUM FORCE? Look no further
than this film which stars Enrico Maria Salerno
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Gang War In Naples Add to Shopping Cart
Pasquale Squitierri 1977
Fabio Testi, Jean Seberg wdescreen print
Tonino (Fabio Testi) gets out of prison and returns to the old neighborhood. In no time he's
working for the local mobster as a truck driver. Being ambitious he soon graduates to being a
strongarm enforcer and finally the owner of a local casino. he crosses the line when he starts
screwing the boss's girl (Jean Seberg) which sets up an all-out war between the two
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Godfather's Adviser Add to Shopping Cart
Miles Deem 1973
Dean Stratford, Jeff Cameron in english with greek subs
Miles Deem, who made many a wacky western, tries his hand at Italo-Crime genre and damn if
he doesn't make a film just as quirky as his westerns! Dino Strano plays Lucky de Simone, a
psychopathic gangster who wants to wipeout his boss the Godfather. He stops at nothing killing
off anyone who gets in his way! Mariangela Matania and Jeff Cameron star in this weird but
violent gangster film
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Goodbye And Amen Add to Shopping Cart
Damiano Damiani 1976
Tony Musante, John Steiner, Claudia Cardinale
In Italian with English subtitles. John Steiner plays a maniac who starts shooting people from a
hotel balcony. He takes a cheating wife (Claudia Cardinale) and her boyfriend hostage while an
FBI agent (Tony Musante) knows that Steiner is not what he appears to be. Excellent thriller by
Damiano Damiani.
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Highway Racer Add to Shopping Cart
Stelvio Massi 1977
Maurizio Merli, Lili Carati widescreen print, in english with japanese subs
Marco (Maurizio Merli) is a cop who is always in trouble for his daredevil antics behind the
wheel. When his recklessness kills his partner, Marco is demoted to a desk job. Meanwhile,
superstar criminal and race car driver Jean-Paul is making the police look like fools. Marco's
boss decides to send him undercover to join Jean-Paul's gang where he hopes to bring the
bastard down. This Stelvio Massi film features some spectacular stunt work. Lili Carati co-stars
(and it's probably the only time she kept her clothes on in a film!).
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Ho! Add to Shopping Cart
Robert Enrico 1968
Jean Paul Belmondo, Joanna Shimkus
Jean-Paul Belmondo plays a petty crook who wants to move on to bigger things. He ends up
getting caught while stealing a car and sent to prison. He escapes and his modelling girlfriend
(sixties icon Joanna Shimkus) discovers his true identity and kicks him out. He decides to pull a
big bank job to get even with his former associtaes. Episodic and colorful, this violent crime
film was directed by Robert Enrico.
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Hold Up Add to Shopping Cart
Frederick Stafford, Enrico Maria Salerno, Nathalie Delon
Frederick Stafford plays a cop who, during a robbery, hits his head and suffers from amnesia.
Turns out he may have been crooked and in on the hold up as one of the thugs has shown up
asking where the money is. Are his wife (Nathalie Delon) and ex-partner (Enrico Maria Salerno)
in on it too?
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I Am The Law Add to Shopping Cart
Pasquale Squitierri 1977
Giuliano Gemma, Claudia Cardinale
Cesare Mori (Giuliano Gemma) is a Magistrate sent to the most corrupt place in Italy, Palermo,
Sicily. He is given absolute power to wipe out all the Mafia influence in the area and he decides
to use their own methods against them (such as using a shotgun to blow the head off one
rebellious SOB!). A class film full of violence, one of the better Italian crime films that also
details how the Fascists came to power at the same time. Claudia Cardinale co-stars and Ennio
Morricone contributes one of his best scores. Letterboxed print
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I Kiss The Hand Add to Shopping Cart
John Saxon, Agostini Belli, Arthur Kennedy in english with japanese subs
Letterboxed print. If you call yourself a fan of crime films and haven't seen this then do so now
and if you haven't seen one, this is a good place to star! Agostini Belli stars as a wife of a
mobster who gets murdered by a rival gang. She pleads with the old Don (wonderfully played
by Arthur Kennedy) to help gain revenge. The mob boss is a crazed psycho (John Saxon in the
part of his career!) who will stop at nothing to get ahead. Brutal, sleazy and a beautiful looking
print make this a 4 star genre film.
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Illustrious Corpses Add to Shopping Cart
Francesco Rosi 1976
Lino Ventura, Max Von Sydow, Fernando Rey, Tina Aumont, Luigi Pistilli
In Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Here's Francesco Rosi's excellent Giallo a
Paranoia starring Lino Ventura as a world weary cop who is investigating a series of murders of
justice officials. Is it the work of a lone maniac or is it the result of political corruption and
decay. The cast also includes Max Von Sydow, Fernando Rey and Tina Aumont. A mesmerizing
film of great power.
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Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion Add to Shopping Cart
Gian Maria Volonte, Florinda Bolkan widescreen print
Gian Maria Volonte (FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE) plays a police Commissioner who murders his
mistress (Florinda Bolkan), leaves a bunch of incriminating evidence at the scene and then
dares his fellow officers to solve the crime. Great music by Ennio Morricone.
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Killer Cop Add to Shopping Cart
Luciano Ercoli 1975
Claudio Cassinelli, Sara Spertati
Letterboxed print. Claudio Cassinelli does his best Maurizio Merli imitation as a no-nonsense
ass-kicking cop in the most corrupt city in Italy. Arthur Kennedy tries to reign him in and Sara
Sperati wants him to retire so they can make babies. Unfortunately for them, Cassinelli is
having a real bad day! Direction by Luciano (FORBIDDEN PHOTOS...) Ercoli, ass-kicking score
by Stelvio Cipriani
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Killer Gold Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Garrone 1978
Robert Widmark, Daniela Giordano in english with dutch subs
Sergio Garrone (SS EXPERIMENT CAMP) directs this sleazy tale of a man (Robert Widmark)
who is double-crossed by a local gangster (Victor Israel) after stealing some jewels for him.
The gangster's moll (Daniela Giordano supplies the flesh) helps his second in command to kill
Israel and escape with Widmark in tow. They find the loot but endless double-crosses leaves no
one standing
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Killer On The Loose Add to Shopping Cart
Alain Delon widescreen print
Alain Delon plays a rich businessman whose son has shotgunned a policeman. The public wants
blood and Delon will do anything to save his son. Turns out Delon was in prison during his
youth and this information just creates more problems. So Delon does what any father would
do, he goes around beating the shit out of all those who were around during the shooting to find
out what really happened
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Lady Dynamite Add to Shopping Cart
Giuseppe Vari 1973
Anthony Steffen, Lidia Alfonsi in english with dutch subs
The head Godfather of the 5 families in New York City is assassinated, creating an all out Mafia
war. His wife Constance (Lidia Alfonsi) goes to Sicily with a plan to murder the man who
ordered her husband's death. A reporter (Anthony Steffen) in town investigating a smuggling
operation rescues Constance from an attempted hit and the two decide to turn the tables on the
mobsters. Orchidea De Santis plays a prostitute and supplies the nudity. Directed by Giuseppe
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Leda Web Of Passion Add to Shopping Cart
Claude Chabrol 1959
Jean-Paul Belmondo, Antonella Lualdi in lish with dutch subs
Jean Paul Belmondo plays a worthless bum who has wormed his way into a wealthy family by
seducing their daughter. The mother hates him, but the dad (who's screwing around with the
desirable Leda (Antonella Lualdi)) kinda admires him. When Leda is found murdered, everyone
in and around the family is a suspect as they all had a reason to do her in. This early film by
Claude Chabrol appears in English for the first time and has some of the most beautiful color
cinematography ever
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Let Sleepinhg Cops Lie Add to Shopping Cart
Jose Pinheiro 1980
Alain Delon, Michel Serrault
Alain Delon stars in this great French crime thriller that was directed by Jose Pinheiro. Co-star
Michel Serrault plays a cop who has had enough with judges and lawyers who get psycho
criminals off scott free. So, he organizes a vigilante group and they begin to punish criminals a
little too strictly. Delon plays a cop who is brought in to find out who heads the group, arrest
him and the other members. Unfortunately for him, there is a traitor on the force who is going
to make his job even harder. Highly recommended!!
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Let The Buried Lie Add to Shopping Cart
Steno 1988
Bud Spencer
Bud Spencer stars as an insurance investigator who goes to prison undercover to locate the
gold stolen years ago by an aging gangster. Directed by Steno
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Little Italy Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Corbucci 1978
Tomas Milian, Eli Wallach widescreen print
For fans of the Nico Giraldi series (see ETC #11 for details), here's another entry that is
appearing in English for the first time. Nico (Tomas Milian) robs a racetrack and gets sent to
prison. He's allowed to escape where he hightails it to America (Little Italy, NY to be exact) and
works his way into the local Mafia. His undercover mission is to capture the local Don (Eli
Wallach) and exonerate the bad reputation of the Italian police. Directed by Bruno Corbucci
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Luca Messina Add to Shopping Cart
Henry Silva in english with greek subs
Fans of Italian Crime films won't want to miss this rarity as Henry Silva plays a mobster who
only knows one way of getting his way, by beating the crap out of the person who doesn't want
to go along!!
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Machine Gun McCain Add to Shopping Cart
Giuliano Montaldo 1968
Peter Falk, John Cassavettes, Britt Ekland, Gabriele Ferzetti widescreen print
Charlie Adamo (Peter Falk) wants to take over the top dog position in the Las Vegas Mafia. But
the bosses in NY (headed by Gabriele Ferzetti) tell him to lay off. He gets McCain (John
Cassavettes) out of prison and covertly sets him up to rob the biggest casino in town. When the
heat gets to be too much for Adamo, he tries to stop McCain but it's too late as he's hell bent
to follow through. A bitter and depressing ending reveals no winners, only losers. The film also
stars Britt Ekland in her best role and Florinda Bolkan as Charlie Adamo's aggressive wife.
Ennio Morricone wrote the film's score.
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Mafia Add to Shopping Cart
Damiano Damiani 1969
Franco Nero, Lee J Cobb, Claudia Cardinale
Terrific crime film by Damiano Damiani. Franco Nero stars as a cop from Milan who comes to
Sicily to investigate the murder of an important businessman. The local Mafia, headed by Lee J.
Cobb, try and convince Nero that the murder was an act of jealousy, the man's wife (Claudia
Cardinale) was supposedly cheating on him. It becomes a war of nerves as Nero works behind
the scenes to bring Cobb down. An excellent crime film with outstanding performances by the
cast. This print is a nice, letterboxed presentation
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Mafia Killer Add to Shopping Cart
Miles Deem 1975
Big I Verdi, Sheyla Rosin, Dean Stratford in english with spanish subs
Miles Deem decided to cash in on the Italian craze for crime films and so put together this
violent film about a Mafia hit man. Big I Verdi, Sheyla Rosin and Dean Stratford star. The film
chronicles the rise and fall of a New York mobster on his way to the electric chair. Violent gun
fights, nudity and weird direction make this one rather different.
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