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A Long returning Add to Shopping Cart
Pedro Lagaza 1975
Lynn Fredericks in english with greek subs
This Spanish made flick stars Lynn (SCHIZOID) Fredericks as a race car driver (!) who meets
and falls for an older man. They marry and all seems perfect but she meets a younger man
and all Hell breaks loose! Also, unfortunately she goes into a coma where she doesn't age but
those around her do. When she awakens it really gets weird. Man if you want to see Fredericks
nude then this is a good place to start. She has plenty of nude scenes here. Directed by Pedro
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A Special Woman Add to Shopping Cart
Karin Schubert
Extremely sleazy sex and action film starring Karin Schubert as an undercover drug agent
trying to nail a big time drug smuggler. By the director of EMANUELLE IN CANNES so you know
there's plenty of nudity in this one.
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A Summer To Remember Add to Shopping Cart
Senta Berger, John Richardson in english with greek subs
Senta Berger stars in this drama about a woman who has recently separated from her husband
(John Richardson) and the affect it has on their son. The two spend a summer meeting all
types of eccentric characters
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A Woman In The Night Add to Shopping Cart
Nello Rosati 1980
Ajita Wilson, Lorraine De Selle in english with dutch subs
This film is an episodic depiction of a porno writer's latest novel. The book's star Bianca Maria
(played by Lorraine de Selle from MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY) continually gets herself into one
sexual situation after another. Ajita Wilson has an lesbian encounter with Ms de Selle that is
worth the price of admission! The writer proudly boasts that he writes novels you can read with
one hand. Directed by Nello Rosati.
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A Woman's Secret Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1991
Margaux Hemmingway, Apollonia in english with portuguese subs
Who would have thought that Prince castoff Appollonia would end up starring in a Joe D'Amato
movie!? Ellen (Margaux Hemmingway with her overbite from Hell and Groucho Marx eyebrows)
leaves her husband to try and find out what she really wants from life. She meets a young stud
on the way to Mardi Gras but doesn't realize he's been hired by her husband to kill her.
Appollonia still looks sexy here and Hemmingway provides plenty of nudity.
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