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Le Mans Shortcut To Hell Add to Shopping Cart


Lang Jeffries, Edwige Fenech, Erna Scheurer in english with spanish subs

Letterboxed print. Lang Jeffries, Edwige Fenech, Erna Schurer, Jeffries plays a washed up

driver who decides to return to the Le Mans racing circuit.

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Desert Of Fire Add to Shopping Cart

Renzo Merusi 1972

Edwige Fenech, George Wang, Peter Martell, Carla Mancini in english with greek subs

Edwige Fenech, George Wang, Peter Martell, and Carla Mancini (whose main contribution is a

nice nude scene!!) star in this offbeat action film by director Renzo Merusi. George Wang plays

a desert marauder who is tormented by an unseen phantom. After a successful raid on 4 men

in a jeep where he recovers a bunch of American money, he sees his men slaughtered and his

rifle disappear to this unseen phantom and is tortured by the mystery.Fenech shows up in

Wang's tent to see if he has the money and is promptly raped for her trouble! Martell shows up

looking for the treasure and of course he promptly meets and beds Fenech and then decides to

bring her with him as they and Wang himself all go into the Sahara in search of the treasure

(and just wait until you see what that treasure actually is!). Fenech is incredibly sexy looking in

her short dress which is of course low cut as well. I doubt this one is going to turn up on DVD

anytime soon

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The Nights And Loves Of Don Juan Add to Shopping Cart


Robert Hoffmann, Edwige Fenech, Barbara Bouchet, Ira Von Furstenberg, Anabella

Robert Hoffmann plays the titular character, but it's the female cast that makes this film a

dream come true for lovers of Euro-trash! Would you believe Barbara Bouchet, Edwige Fenech,

Lucretia Love, Ira Furstenberg and Anabella Incontrera? You will!

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La Pata Bollente Add to Shopping Cart


Edwige Fenech

In Italian only. Edwige Fenech stars in this comedy-drama about a woman who begins to have

her doubts about her lovers' sexuality. He befriends a gay man at work and before long

everyone is talking, leaving Fenech to wonder. She looks great and not only is sexy but shows

she can act too.

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