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Franco Nero Victoria Belvedere

In Italian with English subtitles. Franco Nero stars in this epic adventure film set in a foreign

land where gold has been discovered. Violence erupts as several different factions converge to

try and make their claim. Victoria Belvedere is the main reason to get this film. Man is she hot

stuff (she is also in the thriller CRAVING DESIRE which is still available) and has no problem

with nudity. She has some great sex scenes and you can tell Nero is having a ball, er a great


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Mafia Add to Shopping Cart

Damiano Damiani 1969

Franco Nero, Lee J Cobb, Claudia Cardinale

Terrific crime film by Damiano Damiani. Franco Nero stars as a cop from Milan who comes to

Sicily to investigate the murder of an important businessman. The local Mafia, headed by Lee J.

Cobb, try and convince Nero that the murder was an act of jealousy, the man's wife (Claudia

Cardinale) was supposedly cheating on him. It becomes a war of nerves as Nero works behind

the scenes to bring Cobb down. An excellent crime film with outstanding performances by the

cast. This print is a nice, letterboxed presentation

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Professional Killer Add to Shopping Cart

Franco Prosperi 1967

Robert Webber, Franco Nero WIDESCREEN PRINT

Robert Webber is a hitman on his last job. He's teamed up with newcomer Franco Nero and of

course Webber is double-crossed. He goes looking for revenge. Directed by Franco Prosperi


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Redneck Add to Shopping Cart

Silvano Narizzaro 1972

Franco Nero, Telly Savalas, Mark Lester, Ely Galleani in english with greek subs

Totally whacked out tale about a kidnapping that goes horribly wrong. Telly Savalas plays one

crazy bastard in this one. He and Franco Nero steal a car during a botched robbery that just so

happens to have a young boy (Mark Lester) in the back seat. They go on the lamb as Savalas

murders everyone in his way (including Nero's girlfriend, Ely Galleani). He even forces a family

of 4 into a mobile trailer and drowns them in a lake! Letterboxed

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Call Of Blood Add to Shopping Cart


Franco Nero, Lorredana Cannata

In Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Gritty 3+hours crime film starring Franco

Nero and Lorredana Cannata (LA DONNA LUPO). The Mafia is kidnapping wealthy industrialist's

children and the cops can't get any of the affected families to cooperate

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Blue Eyed Bandit Add to Shopping Cart


Franco Nero, Dalila Di Lazzaro

Franco Nero stars as a old man (actually he's not, he uses make-up to fool his fellow co-

workers) who plans on robbing his workplace but the plot is discovered by a fellow worker

(Dalila Di Lazzaro) which certainly complicates things. A great jazz score by Ennio Morricone

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The Masters Add to Shopping Cart

Luigi Zampa 1977

Franco Nero, James Mason, Jennifer O'Neill

Rare letterboxed print! Offbeat Crime film starring Jennifer O'Niell, Franco Nero and James

Mason, directed by Luigi Zampa and scored by Ennio Morricone. O'Niell comes to an isolated

Italian village and in just a few hours is implicated in a murder! Can Nero help her and what of

Mason, a mysterious Patriarch who is manipulating the entire village to suit his selfish needs.

There are a bunch of wonderful surprises in this film that I won't give away. The film was made

during that time in Italy when every film was a revelation and this one is quite remarkable to

the very end with images that will stay with you for a long time!

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The Girl Add to Shopping Cart

Arne Mattson 1984

Franco Nero, Christopher Lee, Claire Powney, Bernice Steigers

Very weird and disturbing film about a 16 year old girl (played by Claire Powney) who seduces

a respected and powerful lawyer (franco Nero). He leaves his wife and they spend all their time

together screwing their brains out. A reporter is on to their story and decides to ruin Nero's

reputation, that's when the fsixteen year old turns deadly! There are many more plot twists to

be found in this excellent LOLITA-like film. Christopher Lee shows up 90 minutes into the film

and practically steals it as policeman who never gives up. Bernice (FROZEN TERROR) Stegers

co-stars as Nero's wife, Arne Mattsson directs

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The Virgin And The Gypsy Add to Shopping Cart


Franco Nero, Joanna Shimkus, Honor Blackman

Based on a novel by D.H. Lawrence, this film stars Franco Nero, Joanna Shimkus, and Honor

Blackman. Shimkus plays the innocent virgin who is soon tempted by rough, tough gypsy Nero,

much to the horror of her clickish society

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Death Rite Add to Shopping Cart

Claude Chabrol 1971

Franco Nero, Sandra Sandrelli, Gert Frobe, Jean Rochefort in english with greek subs

Claude Chabrol directed this exotic (it was filmed in the Middle East) mystery/thriller. It's about

two older gentlemen (Gert Frobe aka Goldfinger & Jean Rochefort), one of whom is psychic,

becoming involved in the affairs of a young couple (played by Franco Nero and Stefania

Sandrelli). The psychic (Gert Frobe) predicts a murder will take place while the other

(Rochefort) works behind the scenes to see that it comes true

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The Dragon Ring Add to Shopping Cart

Lamberto Bava 1994

Franco Nero, Anna Falchi

In Italian with English subtitles. Here's the newest Lamberto Bava film, a big budget SPFX

extravaganza fantasy film set in a foreign world. Franco Nero plays a cruel king whose

daughter Desideria (Anna Falchi of DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE who has no nude scenes here!),

falls in love with a rebel leader. His other daughter (actually a wolf-child he found in the forest)

plots to get rid of Desideria so she can take over the throne and rule the land. A Godzilla like

Dragon appears at the film's conclusion.

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The Monk Add to Shopping Cart

Ado Kyrou 1972

Franco Nero, Nathalie Delon

Excellent horror film that features a tour-de-force performance by Franco Nero. He plays the

titular character who discovers one of his fellow brothers is actually a dynamite piece of ass

(Nathalie Delon) who's there to tempt him in the ways of the flesh. She's actually in league with

the Devil and slowly but surely turns Nero into a wanton sadist and murderer.

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Topline Add to Shopping Cart

Nello Rosatti 1988

Franco Nero, Deborah Moore, George Kennedy, William Berger

Stupid title for this action film that halfway in turns into a ripoff of THE TERMINATOR and ALIEN.

Franco Nero stars as an alcoholic journalist trying for a big story about the South American

drug wars. Instead he finds a spaceship, robot and monster. Director Nello Rosatti also made

DJANGO STRIKES AGAIN with Nero and does a great job here. deborah Moore, William berger

and George Kennedy also star.

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Mexico In Flames Add to Shopping Cart

Sergei Bonucharak 1976

Franco Nero, Ursual Andress

here's the sequel to TEN DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD. Franco Nero stars as American

journalist John Reed, the only American to be buried in Red Square. He chronicles the rise of

Stalin as the last of the Russian aristocrats are driven out of power. Epic in scale and oh yeah,

some nice nudity by co-star Ursula Andress helps make this an enjoyable action adventure.

Directed by Sergei Bonucharak

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Jonathan Of The Bears Add to Shopping Cart

Enzo Castellari 1994

Franco Nero, John Saxon, David Hess

1994 letterboxed print. New Western by Enzo Castellari shot in Russia with Franco Nero in the

title role. The film is basically a remake of KEOMA as Jonathan sees his family slaughtered and

lives amongst the bears and indians. When he finally has all his killer instincts in tact, he begins

his quest for revenge. Also stars John Saxon and David Hess.

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Man Pride And Vengeance Add to Shopping Cart

Luigi Bazzoni 1972

Franco Nero, Tina Aumont, Klaus Kinski

Director Luigi Bazzoni's (he also made THE LADY IN THE LAKE and THE FIFTH CORD) spaghetti

Western version of the fabled story of Carmen. Tina Aumont is the gypsy Carmen who

ensnares Jose (Franco Nero) in her lustful web and ultimately ruins his life by involving him in

robbery and murder. Klaus Kinski plays his usual nutzoid role as Carmen's husband.

Letterboxed Print

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Long Live Your Death Add to Shopping Cart

Duccio Tessari 1974

Franco Nero, LynnRedgrave, Eli Wallach

Finally a great looking copy of this rare Spaghetti western by Duccio Tessari and starring

Franco Nero, Eli Wallach and Lynn Redgrave. Released here in a cut version under the title,

DON'T TURN THE OTHER CHEEK; this is the 97 minute release. Nero is a bounty killer and

Wallach reprises his ugly type role from the Leone film who team up with Redgrave to try and

find a map that will lead them all to a fortune in gold.

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