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7 Dangerous Women Add to Shopping Cart


Janet Agren, Naduiska, Alberto De Mendoza in english with greek subs

Sexy comedy starring Janet Agren and Naduiska as a group of females who decide to use sex

to bribe and embarrass as many men as they can until they get rich.

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A Spy's Bold Sexual Adventure Add to Shopping Cart


Remember what Woody Allen did with the Japanese spy film he turned into WHAT'S UP TIGER

LILY? Well someone not as famous, but with a much more scatological approach to humor, took

a German sex comedy (we're talking a ton of nudity here), and turned it into a hilariously

weird spy film. You have to see and hear this one to believe it

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Adventures Of A Private Eye Add to Shopping Cart


Suzy Kendall, Liz Fraser, Diana Dors

Here's another terrific British sexploitation film with plentiful nudity, rude jokes and plentiful

nudity! Bob West is left in charge of the office when the boss is away and soon gets involved in

trying to help a voluptuous young thing recover some nude photos before she is disinherited.

He soon becomes tangled up with kinky housewife, a cop's horny wife and a dead body or two.

Suzy Kendall, Liz Fraser and Diana Dors co-star

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Adventures Of A Taxi driver Add to Shopping Cart


Diana Dors, Judy Geeson, Jane Hayden

Joe's a typical city cabbie, loves to talk and gets lucky with the ladies at every turn. He picks up

a young woman and ends up saving her from suicide. Lucky for him she's also a

nymphomaniac! His home life is the pits, his mom (Diana Dors) is a pig, his brother a

kleptomaniac and his fiance is a real shrew. He moves in with a friend (whose girlfriend--Judy

Geeson--is a horny stripper) and gets involved in all types of sexual hijinks. The film stars

Linda Hayden's voluptuous sister Jane

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Asso Add to Shopping Cart


Edwige Fenech, Adriano Celantano, Sylva Koscina 

In Italian only. A gambler (Adriano Celantano) marries a beautiful woman (Edwige Fenech) and

is promptly murdered on their honeymoon. He returns as a ghost that only his wife can see.

This of course causes all types of problems. Sylva Koscina co-stars as a ghost who explains the

rules of being a spirit to Celantano

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Bottoms Up Bavarian Style Add to Shopping Cart

F.J. Gottlieb 1980

Alena Penz, Eva Garden

German sex comedy with lots of T and plenty of A. A scientists has discovered a secret formula

to turn cow manure into energy. Two enemy agents are hot on his trail but this pair are so

horny, they are too busy screwing each other rather than securing the formula. Pretty soon the

whole countryside are pursuing the scientist and screwing their brains out. Alena Penz and Eva

Garden co-star and F.J.Gottlieb directs

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Can You Keep It Up For A Week? Add to Shopping Cart

Jim Atkinson 1978

Sue Longhurst, Jeremy Bulloch

Jeremy Bulloch plays a perpetual screwup. Every job he gets, he always seems to accidentally

lose his and a female co-worker's clothes. His girlfriend (Sue Longhurst) gives him a week to

get a job and keep it. This British sex comedy is full of nudity and bad jokes. Directed by Jim


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College Girl On Vacation Add to Shopping Cart


Marissa Mell, Sabrina Siani, Renzo Montagnini in english with dutch subs

Marissa Mell, Sabrina Sianni and Renzo Montagnini star in this hilarious and sexy Italo-comedy.

Montagnini and Mell look forward to being alone so they can continue their obsession with

having sex in dangerous places but when nubile daughter Sianni returns home, it really cramps

their style!.

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Come Play With Me Add to Shopping Cart

Harrison Marks 1977

Mary Millington

This classic slice of British sexploitation stars the late Mary Millington, Britain's answer to

Marilyn Chambers. She, along with a horde of horny nurses, take over a health farm and

nearly screw their patients to death! Lots of nudity, the film was directed by Harrison Marks

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Commuter Husbands Add to Shopping Cart

Derek Ford 1974

Heather Chasen, Jane Cardew

Great British Sex comedy with plenty of nudity! It's the guys turn to screw around on their

wives. Gabrielle Drake, Jane Cardew and Heather Chasen co-star and the film was directed by

Softcore expert Derek Ford

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Crazy Crazy Love Add to Shopping Cart


Ninetto Diavolo

Ninetto is a screwup who can't get along with either his girlfriend or his Mother. A rich

businessman wants to spend a week with his girlfriend and so devises a plan where he tells his

wife he wants to go to a health spa for a week. He ends up getting Ninetto to go in his place but

the poor bastard doesn't realize that Ninetto has plans on bedding both his wife and girlfriend!

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Crazy Navy Add to Shopping Cart


Anna Maria Rizzoli in english with greek subs

Letterboxed print. Annamaria (PLAY HOTEL) Rizzoli stars in this Italian sex comedy set at a

naval base filled with horny soldiers. Though they become real frustrated when the beautiful

blonde Rizzoli shows up, that doesn't last long

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Cream Puffs Add to Shopping Cart

Sergio Martino 1979

Edwige Fenech, Lino Banfi in english with greek subs

Edwige Fenech fans rejoice! Here's a sex comedy featuring the beautiful fan favorite in English.

This episodic sex comedy was directed by Sergio Martino and features Lino Banfi as one of a

horde of horny Italians trying to bed Ms fenech (who has a limited amount of nudity here).

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Daniela Mini-Slip Add to Shopping Cart

Segio Bergonzelli 1986

In Italian only. Weird sexploitation film by Sergio (BLOOD DELIRIUM )Bergonzelli about a hotel

full of sexually frustrated couples. A professor has developed a network of cameras and

microphones so he can spy on all their problems. He then invents a pill that turns those who

take it into sex crazed fiends! Needless to say, that pretty much cures everyone's problems

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Dr Jekyll Likes Them Hot Add to Shopping Cart

Steno 1979

Edwige Fenech in english with dutch subs

Edwige Fenech stars as a lusty bitch out to turn Dr. Jekyll into a simpering piece of jelly. He's a

kindly old man who of course discovers a formula that turns him into the meanest SOB around.

Fenech looks great and performs in those all important nude scenes.

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Esotic Tales Add to Shopping Cart


Zora Kerova

A trilogy of stories that center around sexual encounters in modern times. The first tale is about

a woman who goes to Hong Kong for business and gets suckered into a very nasty game of

poker. Second up is about a priest who has to tend to a horny flock of nuns. Finally, Zora

Kerova (MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY) is a pinup girl who grants a horny truck driver his fantasy of

screwing her brains out. Too bad he can only get it up in his 18 wheeler

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Excuse Me Padre, Are You Horny? Add to Shopping Cart

Salvatore Buganelli 1974

Gabriella Giorgi, Brigitte Skay, Benjamin Lev

In Italian only. Gabriella Giorgi, Brigitte Skay and Benjamin Lev star in this Italian sex comedy

by Salvatore Bugnelli. Lev plays a priest who has his hands full with the nubile and horny ladies

who attend his sermons on Sunday! Plenty of nudity here. $15

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Football Crazy Add to Shopping Cart


Lando Buzzanca, Joan Collins

Lando Buzzanca stars as a small time referee who finally gets a big break by working a major

game. His reputation grows as do the temptations. He meets a beautiful temptress (Joan Collins

who has a nice nude scene) and has to decide what's more important, his future or screwing


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How I Learned To Love Women Add to Shopping Cart

Luciano Salce in english with dutch subs

Robert Hoffmann, Elsa Martinelli, Anita Ekberg, Romina Powers, Michele Mercier,

Look at this cast: Romina Power, Anita Ekbert, Michele Mercier, Nadja Tiller and Elsa Martinelli!

Robert Hoffman plays a naive young man who discovers he has a lot of learn about seducing

women and boy, does he have some of the world's best teachers!. Luciano Salce directs and

Ennio Morricone provides the music

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How To Seduce A Teacher Add to Shopping Cart

Mario Laurenti 1981

Gloria Guida, Lorainne De Selle, Donatella Damiani in english with greek subs

Letterboxed print. I have been looking for an English language print of this for years as the cast

alone would make it a winner no matter what the language! But finally after much searching

here it is. The film stars 3 actresses who I love: Gloria Guida, Loraine De Selle and Donatella

Damiani. And the good news here is that all 3 have LOTS of nude scenes! In fact many fans of

Damiani always asked what other films has she done with nude scenes and now I can finally

point them in this direction (for more on her see the description of LOLA'S SECRET a few films

down!). All 3 girls are students at a typical Italian high school, all the boys are horny and all the

girls want to seduce their teachers! Directed by Mario Laurenti (who knows how to do these

films as he directed LOVER BOY with Edwige Fenech), this one is to die for!

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Husband Italian Style Add to Shopping Cart


Lando Buzzanca, Rosanna Podesta, Gloria Guida in english with spanish subs

Excellent Italian sex comedy starring Gloria Guida, Lando Buzzanca and Rosanna Podesta.

Buzzanca plays a blowhard macho stud who blames his wife (Podesta) for her failure to

become pregnant so he hires a surrogate wife (Guida) to have his child.

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Let's Get Laid Add to Shopping Cart

James Hill 1977

Fiona Richmond, Linda Hayden, Robin Askwith

From the director of HOUSE ON STRAW HILL comes this sex film starring Fiona Richmond and

Linda Hayden! Fiona plays Maxine, star of stage and screen who gets involved with murder and

espionage. Richmond and Hayden both display lots of flesh and Robin Askwith from the

CONFESSIONS series also co-stars.

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My Darling Domestic Add to Shopping Cart
iin english with greek subs

Lando Buzzanca, Leonora Fanni, Femi Benussi, Erika Blanc, Silvia Monti, Martine

Lando Buzzanca plays a butler in this episodic sex comedy that features his trials and

tribulations. He always seems to get sexually involved with the wives and daughters of his

clients. These include the cream of the crop when it comes to Euro-trash actresses such as

Femi Benussi, Erika Blanc, Silvia Monti, Martine Brochard and Eleonora Fanni

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My Father's Nurse Add to Shopping Cart

Mario Bianchi 1975

Maria Pia Conte, Daniela Giordano

Excellent Italian sex comedy starring Maria Pia Conte and Daniela Giordano, directed by Mario

Bianchi. An old man thinks he died and went to heaven when he sees that his personal nurse is

drop dead gorgeous, plentiful nudity!

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Night Nurse Add to Shopping Cart


Gloria Guida, Anna Maria Clementi, Paola Senatore

In Italian only. Gloria Guida stars in this Italian sex comedy about a sexy nurse who works at

night caring for an old man while his family tries to figure out a way to seduce her!. Alvaro

Vitali, Paola Senatore and Anna Maria Clementi (very sexy as the horny neighbor!) co-star

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Penelope Pulls It Off Add to Shopping Cart

Peter Curran 1978

Linda Marlowe, Anna Bergman

Obscure German sex comedy starring Linda Marlowe and Anna Bergman, directed by Peter

Curran. An art dealer is having trouble making a living until she decides to commission a series

of paintings of her girlfriends nude. Once those hit the market she can barely keep up with all

the cash she's making. Plentiful nudity.

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Poker In Bed Add to Shopping Cart


Edwige Fenech, Carlo Giuffre in english with greek subs

Another obscure Edwige Fenech sex comedy appearing in English for the first time!! Carlo

Giuffre is a local poker player who is on a bad losing streak. He meets Fenech who appears to

be happy with her wimpy writer boyfriend. Guiffre figures if he can bed the hard to get Fenech,

his luck will change! Plentiful nude scenes makes this one a must for Fenech fans.

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Policewoman Goes To New York Add to Shopping Cart

Michelle Massimo Tarantini 1981

Edwige Fenech, Renzo Montagnini

Edwige Fenech fans rejoice, here's another rare sex comedy appearing in English for the first

time! Renzo Montagnani plays a Texan (!) who goes to Rome to recruit two officers (Fenech and

Alvaro Vitale) to impersonate a mob boss' girlfriend and his most dangerous hitman. Of course

other than looking like them, these two are direct opposites to the real thing. Brief nudity, fart

jokes, racist and homophobic remarks fill the bill in this non-PC Italo-sexcomedy

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Private Lessons Add to Shopping Cart

Vittorio De Sisti 1975

Carroll Baker, Leonra Fanni, Femi Benussi, Renzo Montagnini

Letterboxed print. Carroll Baker stars in this obscure Italian sex comedy. She plays a piano

teacher who has a class full of horny boys. one of them has a crush on her while another finds

out where she lives and takes photos of her undressing and rolling around on the bed nude. He

then forces her to start acting like a whore in class (wearing see-through blouses, giving the

front row open crotch shots, etc). The boy in love with her is hounded by both his girlfriend

(Leonora Fanni) and a maid (Femi Benussi) to have sex with him! Directed by Vittorio De Sisti


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School For Sex Add to Shopping Cart

Peter Walker 1968

Rose Alba, Francoise Pascal

Peter Walker (FRIGHTMARE) directed this British sexploiter starring Rose Alba, Francoise Pascal

and Derek Ward. A divorcee teaches her students to use their sexy charms to swindle money

from rich old farts. Plentiful nudity

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