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3 Men To Kill Add to Shopping Cart
Alain Delon, Dalila Di Lazzaro
Here's another excellent French thriller starring Alain Delon. The real treat however is his co-
star, Dalila Di Lazzaro who plays his girlfriend and has several topless scenes. Delon innocently
helps a car accident victim without realizing the man was shot. The two men who killed him are
now after Delon and make his life a living hell as they kill off all those he comes in contact
with. If you want to know who came up with the bullet through the keyhole shot Argento used
in OPERA, well Jacques Deray did it here 10 years earlier. A tale of paranoia, mixed with sex
and violence.
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7 Hours Of Violence Add to Shopping Cart
Michele Massimo Tarantini 1977
George Hilton, Rosemary Dexter
George Hilton is a former hitman who's blackmailed into performing one last job. It doesn't go
well and he ends up hiding out at a young woman's (Rosemarie Dexter) place. Not only are the
police looking for him, but a group of Chinese killers are too (this leads to Hilton and George
Wang getting into a kungfu fight that was obviously influenced by the HK films of that time).
Hilton becomes more desperate as all sides close in on him. An offbeat thriller with many
changes of direction along the way. Hilton plays a real SOB in this one which makes for a nice
change of pace. Directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini.
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A Man On His Knees Add to Shopping Cart
Damiano Damiani 1979
Giuliano Gemma, Michele Placido, Eleonora Giorgi
Nino (Giuliano Gemma) is a hard working guy who has somehow pissed off someone important
enough that a hitman (Michele Placido) has been hired to kill him. Turns out a rich woman was
kidnapped and all who were involved are being brutally murdered. Nino has no idea why he's
considered as one of the guilty. Gritty crime film with Eleonora Giorgi and directed by Damiano
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A Man to Respect Add to Shopping Cart
Michele Lupo 1973
Kirk Douglas, Giuliano Gemma, Florinda Bolkan
This was released here as THE MASTER TOUCH and was cut. This version restores 13 minutes
to the film's running time. Kirk Douglas is an ex-con whose old boss wants him to pull off a
million dollar robbery. He teams up with an acrobat (Giuliano Gemma) to help him pull off the
job. Too bad he falls for Douglas' wife (Florinda Balkan) and together plan to double cross the
old guy. Bad mistake as Kirk will not be denied his revenge. The last 40 minutes are virtually
free of dialogue giving Ennio Morricone to go nuts with his music
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Bandits Of Milan Add to Shopping Cart
Carlo Lizzani 1968
Gian Maria Volonte, Tomas Milian, Ray Lovelock
Previous versions of this film (reviewed in ETC #15) looked like shit and were fake letterboxed
to boot!! Gee, I wonder who would do such a thing? Well, here's a great looking english
language copy that is letterboxed for real!! Carlo Lizzani's epic crime film starring Tomas Milian
as a cop in charge of a massive manhunt for 4 violent bank robbers. Gian Maria Volonte and
Ray Lovelock co-star
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Black And White Add to Shopping Cart
Enzo Castellari 1991
Bud Spencer, Philip Michael Thomas
Detective Jack Costello (aka Detective Extra-Large) and his co-hort (Phillip Michael Thomas)
are back in this Enzo Castellari directed action film. This time we learn how the two got
together to fight crime on the mean streets of Miami. A young woman, posing as a maid at a
ritzy party, steals a watch without realizing it contains microfilm. She ends up involving Costello
(Bud Spencer) in her shenanigans, much to his regret.
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Black Magic Add to Shopping Cart
Enzo Castellari 1991
Bud Spencer, Philip Michael Thomas
Bud Spencer returns as Detective Extralarge (the only gumshoe who makes Cannon look like
the Thin Man!). This one has a supernatural bent as Dionne Warwick (I guess she was in
between Psychic Network gigs) stars as a voodoo priestess. A girl commits suicide, repeatedly
stabbing herself in front of her boyfriend. Was she under the control of a cult or did he really
kill her? Big Bud is hired to find out.
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Bloody Payroll Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Caiano 1976
Claudio Cassinelli, Silvia Dionisio
Letterboxed print. By the director of WEAPONS OF DEATH (Mario Caiano), this brutal crime film
is about a robbery gone horribly wrong. Claudio Cassinelli and John Steiner are two thugs who
kill innocent people and take hostages during their escape. Steiner and his buddies try and kill
Cassinelli which turns out to be a BIG mistake as he hunts them down and kills them like dogs.
Silvia Dionisio provides the nudity in this seventies crime classic.
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Blue Eyed Bandit Add to Shopping Cart
Franco Nero, Dalila Di Lazzaro
Franco Nero stars as a old man (actually he's not, he uses make-up to fool his fellow co-
workers) who plans on robbing his workplace but the plot is discovered by a fellow worker
(Dalila Di Lazzaro) which certainly complicates things. A great jazz score by Ennio Morricone
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Borsalino Add to Shopping Cart
Alain Delon, Jean Paul Belmondo
Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo star as two rival gangsters during the thirties who decide
to become partners and work their way up the criminal ladder. Much like a violent, classic
Warner Brothers gangster flick, Delon and Belmondo have rarely been better. Here's a bit of
trivia, Porno star Rocco Sieffredi took his name from the Delon's character in this film! $
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Borsalino And Co. Add to Shopping Cart
Jacques Deray 1975
Alain Delon, Catherine Rouvert
One of the very best French gangster films ever!! This is the sequel to BORSALINO (which if
you haven't seen you really should as it stars Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo) and this
time around Rocco (Delon) is out for revenge. His partner was killed in the previous film and
the mobster who gave the order is now running all the crime in France. Delon slowly gathers
his forces for an all out war!! This is a very violent and somber film (not like the first one) and
really delivers. Directed by Jacque Deray and co-starring Catherine Rouvet.
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Bulldozer Add to Shopping Cart
Michele Lupo 1977
Bud Spencer
For fans of the fat man, Bud Spencer. Directed by Michele Lupo
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Cairo Add to Shopping Cart
George Sanders, Eric Portman, Richard Johnson
George Sanders, Richard Johnson and Eric Portman star in this remake of John Huston's THE
ASPHALT JUNGLE. Sanders plays a man who wants to steal the jewels of King Tutankhamen. he
recruits his gang but things don't quite work out
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Call Of Blood Add to Shopping Cart
Franco Nero, Lorredana Cannata
In Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Gritty 3+hours crime film starring Franco
Nero and Lorredana Cannata (LA DONNA LUPO). The Mafia is kidnapping wealthy industrialist's
children and the cops can't get any of the affected families to cooperate
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Camorra Add to Shopping Cart
Lina Wertmuller 1986
Harvey Keitel, Angelina Molina, Francisco Rabal
Rare english language copy of this very bloody crime film by of all people, Lina Wermuller!!
Harvey Keitel (who plays a violent bastard who, when he's not screwing his women, he's
beating the crap out of them!) and Angelina Molina star. She's trying to get Harvey to break
free from crime and he of course wants no part of that. Francisco Rabal co-stars. $15
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Cannonball Add to Shopping Cart
Enzo Castellari 1991
Bud Spencer, Philip Michael Thomas
Bud Spencer is back as Detective Extralarge, the fattest lawman in Miami. A star football player
is murdered and implicated in a cocaine deal. Spencer and his assistant played by Philip
Michael Thomas (MIAMI VICE), are hired by the dead player's Mom to discover what really
happened. Michael Forest co-stars
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City Under Siege Add to Shopping Cart
Romolo Guerrieri 1974
Enrico Maria Salerno, Francois fabian
Letterboxed print. A string of violent jewel robberies force a police Inspector (Enrico Maria
Salerno) to get rough with the city's criminal scum. Things take a turn for the worse when he's
confronted with the murder and necrophilic violation of a 16 year old girl. He tracks the jewel
robbers to a train where they are in the process of looting the passengers when things go
wrong and a massacre ensues. He then enters a gay bar, picks up a patron and threatens to
beat him up if he doesn't reveal who the murderer of the 16 year old is (she was a prostitute
who might talk about her important clients). Lots of nudity in this crime film by Romolo
Guerrieri with Francoise Fabian.
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Cobra Add to Shopping Cart
Yves Boisset 1972
Senta Berger, Jean Yanne, Sterling hayden, Gordon Mitchell
Terrific French gangster film with Senta Berger, Sterling Hayden, Gordon Mitchell and Jeanne
Yanne and directed by Yves Boisset. Yanne is an ex-gangster who has to return to the thug life
to get revenge on those who killed his brother. Violent and bleak
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Color Them Dead Add to Shopping Cart
Georges Lautner 1970
Mirielle D'Arc
Excellent French thriller by Georges (THE ROAD TO SALINA) Lautner. Beautiful blonde Mireille
Darc stars as a dead gangster's girlfriend who knows where he hid $100,000. The only problem
is all his old gangster buddies want to know too and are willing to do whatever's necessary to
get that information
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Cop Target Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1990
Robert Ginty, Charles Napier
Excellent Italo-Cop film by Umberto Lenzi (who proves he's still the best when it comes to nasty
and violent action films). Robert Ginty stars as a cop hired by a woman to escort her and her
kids to a fancy awards party. Of course things go wrong and the woman's daughter is
kidnapped. He is told to back off the case which of course just pisses him off and causes him to
start kicking personal ass!! The film co-stars Charles Napier, Barbara Bingham, and Franco
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Counteragent Against The Organization Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Grieco 1977
Howard Ross, Karin Schubert, Stephen Boyd
Here's another offbeat crime film by director Sergio (STREETKILLERS) Grieco. Howard Ross
stars as a guy who's out to screw the Mafia out of drugs and money. He does so but they
capture his girlfriend (Karin Schubert) and beat her up and rape her to force him to return the
goodies. Ross teams up with a American DEA man (Stephen Boyd) to turn the tables and
rescue his girl
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Cross Shot Add to Shopping Cart
Stelvio Massi 1977
John Saxon, Lino Cappaliccio
Excellent Italo-Crime film starring John Saxon as a tough cop out to rid Italy of its violent
element, you know, the dregs of society. And if he has to use violence himself to do this, well
what the Hell! Lino Cappaliccio co-stars and Stelvio Massi directs.
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Darker Than Amber Add to Shopping Cart
Robert Clouse 1970
Rod Taylor, William Smith, Ahna capri, Suzy Kendall
Incredibly violent detective film by Robert Clouse featuring Rod Taylor as Travis McGee, based
on the novel by John D MacDonald. Not only is sexy Suzy Kendall featured, but there is one of
the most violent fist fights between Rod Taylor and Big Bad William Smith ever portrayed on
the screen! This the uncut version and not an edited TV print. Ahna Capri co-stars.
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Date For A Murderer Add to Shopping Cart
Mino Guerrini 1966
Giorgio Ardisson
Vince (Giorgio Ardisson) meets Wally, an old friend from high school, and they decide to hang
out together at a hotel in Rome a few days later. Vince shows up but Wally has disappeared
and the more Vince searches for Wally, the his life is in danger. This is sixties mixture of a Spy
and Giallo film, complimented by a jazzy score. Director Mino Guerrini's technique certainly
influenced Giulio Questi when he decided to make DEATH LAID AN EGG a year later
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Day Of Violence Add to Shopping Cart
Ely Galleani
Paolo and Joe decide to go on a rape and murder spree. They start with an old woman and her
nubile neighbor before moving on to bigger and better things. It gets completely out of hand
when they hold a restaurant full of people hostage and start killing off the patrons until they get
a sizeable ransom. This film is like a cross between LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and DOG DAY
AFTERNOON... Italian style! Ely Galleani from 5 DOLLS FROM AN AUGUST MOON stars
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Dead Pigeon On Beethoven Street Add to Shopping Cart
Sam Fuller 1972
Christa Lang, Glenn Corbett, Anton Diffring
Sam Fuller goes Euro-trash in this film of an American private eye who's trying to recover a
photo of a US senator in a compromising position from a group who specializes in this type of
blackmail. Fuller peppers the film with tons of film jokes (KISS OF DEATH & PSYCHO to name
just two), violence and sleaze. The film stars Glenn Corbett, Christa Lang and Anton Diffring,
plus a music score by the German group Can
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Deadly Chase Add to Shopping Cart
Franco Prosperi 1977
Luc Merenda, Janet Agren
Letterboxed print. Excellent Italian crime film by Franco Prosperi starring Luc Merenda as a
tough cop who goes nuts when his hooker girlfriend(Janet Agren) disappears. Lots of violent
shootouts in this one
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Death Hunt Add to Shopping Cart
Tano Cimarossa 1977
Tano Cimarossa, Al Cliver
Letterboxed print. Al Cliver does his Maurizio Merli imitation in this violent crime/revenge
thriller. He's a tough cop who bends the long arm of the law to send criminals to jail (or Hell if
need be). Three of the worst criminals alive escape from prison and begin an unbelievable
crime spree involving robbery, kidnapping and rape. When they run over the young daughter
of a decent man, he goes psycho and vows revenge. An all out mix of DEATH WISH and the
usual nilhistic Italo-crime film elements
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Destruction Force Add to Shopping Cart
Stelvio Massi 1977
Luc Merenda, Tomas Milian, Katia Christine
Letterboxed print. Luc Merenda plays a cop who opens the film by massacring a gang of
kidnappers (I guess in Italy you don't have to read them their rights before you mow them
down). Then, when he discovers the Police Commissioner was murdered, he really goes off the
deep end! He teams up with an underworld figure (Tomas Milian) and together they track down
the ones responsible. Stelvio Massi directs and Katia Christine plays the love interest.
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Diamonds And Bullets Add to Shopping Cart
Bud Spencer, Ursula Andress
Bud spencer plays an ex-lawman who must try and save a Diva (played by the still luscious
Ursula Andress) from the mob before they can kill her. Will the big man save the day? Hell yes
but it's fun watching big Bud kick some ass.
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Dirty Weekend Add to Shopping Cart
Oliver Reed, Marcello Mastroianni, Lionel Stander
A man (Marcello Mastroianni) and his mistress (Carole Andre) are off for a weekend of sex
when they end up being kidnapped by a trio of bank robbers (Oliver Reed is their leader). They
soon become a media sensation as the police and reporters track their every move (shades of
O.J.!). See OLiver Reed laugh his ass off while watching a Franco and Ciccio movie (now that's
acting!!). As the police close in, they end up at an old coot's (Lionel Stander) run down shack
threatening to kill everybody.
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