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1001 Nights Of Pleasure Add to Shopping Cart
Antonio Margheriti 1972
Barbara Bouchet, Femi Benussi
In French only. Antonio Margheriti's sexy version of an Arabian Nights fantasy is definitely of
interest since it stars Barbara Bouchet and Femi Benussi. There's a magic carpet, genies, and
lots of nudity!!
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Decameron 2 Add to Shopping Cart
Camille Keaton
in Italian with English subtitles. More earthy tales inspired by Pasolini's DECAMERON TALES.
There are many episodes but the two that stand out are one featuring Maria Angela Giordan as
a wife whose husband ignores her so with the help of a priest, he's posoined and buried in the
monastery. It's actually a skam to make him think he's in Hell, so that when he returns to life,
he'll treat her better. The other highlight stars Camille (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE) Keaton as a
young girl who goes to the desert to find God. Instead, she finds a horny wiseman who
convinces her the devil lives between her legs and only he knows how to get rid of him! Ample
nudity by Keaton
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More Filthy Canterbury Tales Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1976
Marzia Damon, Monica Audras
In a recent interview with Joe D'Amato, he revealed that this film, a sexy knock off of Pasolini's
CANTERBURY TALES was his directorial debut. Stars Marzia Damon and Monica Audras.
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My Nights With Messalina Add to Shopping Cart
Raquel Evans, Ajita Wilson
Yet another sleazy piece of trash inspired by Guiccione's CALIGULA. Claudius returns from
battle with a bad case of VD which frustrates the bi-sexual Messalina (Raquel Evans) to no end.
She decides to seduce his doctor, a virgin from Gaul who soon loses his cherry to a half dozen
or so of Rome's finest whores. A goofy dubbed effort that seems inspired by the AIRPLANE
approach to comedy. Ajita Wilson co-stars as Ebony Venus, whose sole purpose in the film is to
have lesbian sex scenes with assorted starlets!
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My Pleasure Is Your Pleasure Add to Shopping Cart
Ewa Aulin, Femi Benussi, Erna Scheur, Sylva Koscina
In German only. Here's a period sexy comedy anthology that features some of the best
Sexploitation stars in Europe: Barbara Bouchet, Ewa (CANDY) Aulin, Femi Benussi, Erna
Schuerur and Sylva Koscina. Very much in the DECAMERON vein of immoral tales
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Poppea Prostitute In Service To The Emperor Add to Shopping Cart
Al Brescia 1972
Femi Benussi, Eva Czmerys
In Italian only, beautifully scope (2.35:1)transfer. Femi Benussi stars as Poppea, the most
popular prostitute in Rome. When Nero wants to have her exclusive services, well, the citizens
ain't too happy! Eva Czemerys also stars and supplies nudity along with plenty by Benussi! Al
Brescia directs.
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Tales Of Canterbury Add to Shopping Cart
John Shadow 1978
The mysterious John Shadow (MICROSCOPIC LIQUID SUBWAY TO OBLIVION) strikes again! A
group of travelers are trapped inside an inn due to a heavy rainstorm. To pass the evening,
each one has to tell a story that centers on suitably bawdy subjects, such as chastity belts,
bestiality, incest, etc. There's even a horror tinged tale where the principals meet a grisly end
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Tales Of Viterbury Add to Shopping Cart
Rosalba Neri, Christa Linder
In Italian only. Sexy anthology film in the vein of Pasolini's CANTERBURY TALES. Each of the 6
stories center on getting the lead actress of each episode naked as soon as possible. The
starlets include Rosalba Neri (brief nudity), Christa Linder (lots of nudity) and Orchidea de
Santis (also lots).
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The Nights And Loves Of Don Juan Add to Shopping Cart
Robert Hoffmann, Edwige Fenech, Barbara Bouchet, Ira Von Furstenberg, Anabella
Robert Hoffmann plays the titular character, but it's the female cast that makes this film a
dream come true for lovers of Euro-trash! Would you believe Barbara Bouchet, Edwige Fenech,
Lucretia Love, Ira Furstenberg and Anabella Incontrera? You will!
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The Ribald Decameron Add to Shopping Cart
Malissa Longo, Patrizia Viotti, Claudia Bianchi
Malisa Longo, Patrizia Viotti and Claudia Bianchi star in a series of tales that are bawdy as hell
and use every excuse in the book to get them naked. The leader of a travelling troup of actors
is a big hit with the ladies as he seduces them at a brothel, society get togethers and even a
nunnery full of horny sisters!
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