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Act Of Agression Add to Shopping Cart
Jean-Louis Trintignant, Catherine Deneuve, Claude Brasseur
An incredible exploitation film with a cast that rarely wallowed in such excesses. Catherine
Deneuve and Jean-louis Trintignant play a married couple who are under siege by a gang of
motorcycle psychos. She is raped and he must get tough and kill them before they kill him.
Claude Brasseur co-stars in this outstanding piece of exploitation from a most unlikely source,
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After The Storm Add to Shopping Cart
Senta Berger
In Italian with english subtitles, letterboxed print. Senta Berger stars as a mother whose son is
suspected of murdering a 15 year old girl. She's convinced he's innocent but the father, who's
also his son's lawyer, isn't so sure. An excellent thriller with a terrific performance by Berger
and a killer score by Luis Bacalov. $15
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An Ordinary Hero Add to Shopping Cart
Michele Placido
In Italian with yellow English subtitles, letterboxed print. A lawyer is hired to liquidate one of
Milan's largest banks. He's considered an easy mark by the bank's original corrupt president
(who fled to the US) whom he can manipulate from afar. The lawyer teams up with a financial
cop (played by the film's director, Michele Placido) to ferret out the truth. He's attacked from all
sides as he uncovers up even more corruption. An excellent Paranoia-thriller with a good score
by Pino Donaggio and the usual depressing conclusion.
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Armagueddon Add to Shopping Cart
Alain Jessau 1975
Alain Delon, in english with greek subs
A man disguise his voice and looks and puts into action a plan he refers to as Armagueddon.
That plan involves him assassinating some popular figure in the public eye. The police go to a
famous psychologist (Alain Delon) to get his help in trying to identify this crackpot. He decides
to belittle the nutcase in public which really causes him to go off the deep end. He concocts a
murder scheme that I have to admit is one of the more bizarre sequences I have ever seen. A
terrific thriller by director Alain (SHOCK TREATMENT) Jessau.
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Brainwashed Add to Shopping Cart
Eric De Hung 1972
Florinda Bolkan, Omar Shariff
Letterboxed print, directed by Eric De Hung. Here's a French thriller concerned with an
oppressive and paranoid nameless government. Omar Shariff plays a dissident who is sent off
to prison. His wife (Florinda Bolkan who has some brief nudity) spends years trying to see him
and when she does, it ultimately leads to tragedy
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Kiss Of Death Add to Shopping Cart
Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet, Gabriele Tinti in english with dutch subs
Romy Schneider plays a woman who fights with her lover (Gabriele Tinti) and he ends up going
over a cliff in a sports car while she survives. His brother (Maurice Ronet falls for her but is
also convinced she killed him. Meanwhile Schneider becomes convinced he's not really dead in
this terrific Hitchcockian thriller!!
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Midnight Lovers Add to Shopping Cart
Monica Vitti, Claudia Cardinale, Giancarlo Giannini, Vittorio Gassman
In Italian with English subtitles. A woman (Monica Vitti) is in love with a violent bastard
(Giancarlo Gianni). After an extended fight, he ends up dead and she's brought to trial for his
murder. One of the jury members is a woman (Claudia Cardinale) who realizes she is in the
same situation with her husband (Vittorio Gassman). Did Vitti do it and is Cardinale on her way
to following in her footsteps? Both actresses get to wear sexy outfits and thesp their hearts out.
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The Prostitution Racket Add to Shopping Cart
Carlo Lizzani uncut 115minute version 1971
16 year old Rosina has to move to Milan to support herself. Before she knows it she has fallen
in love with Salvatore, who is really a pimp. She is soon a streetwalker taking care of anyone
with enough lira to buy her favors. Several other vignettes detail how underage girls are
brought into the prostitution business. Director Carlo Lizzani doesn't shy away from the sleaze
inherent in this crime/sex film. Another excellent Ennio Morricone score augments the action.
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The Silent Woman Add to Shopping Cart
Juan Bunel 1989
Pierre Clementi, Marie-Christine Barrault
A neo-nazi (Pierre Clementi) blows up a political leader and as he escapes, his face (which is
partially disfigured) is seen by a woman as she leaves her office. She goes to stay at her home
in the country where authorities inform her that a lunatic has escaped from a nearby asylum.
Meanwhile, the neo-nazi and his friends have followed her and plan to spend the weekend
tormenting her before they execute her. To make matters a little more difficult, it turns out the
lunatic is inside the house! But, he's really not what he appears to be and ends up helping the
woman (played by Marie-Christine Barrault). This was directed by Luis Bu±uel's sister-in-law,
Joyce (I guess everyone wants to get in on the act!).
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The Swimming Pool Add to Shopping Cart
Jacques Deray 1970
Romy Schneider, Alain Delon, Jane Birkin, Maurice Ronet
Terrific French thriller by Jacque Deray. Alain Delon and Romy Schneider (who has some nice
nude scenes) star as a couple whose old friend Harry (Maurice Ronet) comes to visit with his
nubile daughter (Jane Birkin) in tow. Tensions are thick as Ronet and Schneider were once
lovers and Delon finds himself attracted to Birkin. Needless to say, passions and jealousies
arise with the end result being murder.
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Widow Couderc Add to Shopping Cart
Alain Delon, Simone Signoret
Rare French thriller with Alain Delon and Simone Signoret. Signoret plays a woman who was
raped by her father and brother as a young girl. She has a new hired hand played by Delon.
Will she allow him to seduce her daughter-in-law or will she find a way to get revenge through
him on herá Father?
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