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5 Women For The Killer Add to Shopping Cart
Stelvio Massi 1974
Francis Matthews, Katia Christine, Howard Ross
In Italian only. A viscious Giallo starring British actor Francis Matthews as a widower who
discovers his dead wife fooled around on him. When those around him turn up dead the police
become suspicious. Katia Christine and Howard Ross co-star. Stelvio Massi directs this bloody
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A Dragonfly For Each Corpse Add to Shopping Cart
Leon Klimovsky 1975
Paul Naschy, Erika Blanc
Paul Naschy is a (wait for it!) tough cop fighting with his department over the fact that he beats
the shit out of his suspects. Meanwhile, a serial killer is wiping out the degenerates he finds on
the streets of his town. Erika Blanc co-stars as Naschy's wife (she has nude scenes) in this
bloody Giallo, Spanish-style
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A Quiet Place To Kill Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1969
Carroll Baker, Jean Sorel,
Letterboxed print. Umberto Lenzi directed this thriller that stars Carroll Baker and Jean Sorel.
She's the older woman who's married to a younger man and is convinced he's trying to kill her
(a popular theme in Lenzi's thrillers). Uncut version with all nudity intact
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A Treason Story Add to Shopping Cart
Marissa Mell, Sylva Koscina, Stephen Boyd
aka TERROR IN THE DARK. For years I have had a 85 minute version of this film, here is a
longer version (11 minutes) in english and letterboxed. Sylva Koscina and Marissa Mell are a
lesbian couple who plot ways to kill male lovers they accumulate for their money. Stephen
Boyd enters the picture and Mell's lust for him might screw everything up. Please note a small
logo appears in the lower corner as this version has never been released!
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Arabella The Black Angel Add to Shopping Cart
Stelvio Massi 1989
Tini Cansino
)- It personifies the very essence of Eurotrash. Previous English versions of this violent and
sexy thriller suffered from optical censoring of all below the waist nudity (and in this film, that's
almost half its running time!) since the source was Japan. Well, I have an Italian pre-record
and everytime there is below the waist nudity, I edited in this version (since there's no dialogue
during these scenes anyway!). So now you have the best of both worlds. Tini Cansino (the
niece of Rita Hayworth) is married to a crippled writer so she goes to sex clubs and screws with
any willing participant. Meanwhile, the scissor killer is mutilating the genitals of both male and
female victims. Is Tini, her husband or someone else close to them the killer? Wait till you see
the cover on this one!!!
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Crazy Desires Of A Murderer Add to Shopping Cart
Filippo Walter Ratti 1976
Patrizia Gori
In Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print. It's been awhile since we had a new Giallo
from the seventies appear on video, but this one, by director Filippo Walter Ratti was worth the
wait! A group of family members assemble at a mansion where they soon are stalked by an
eyeball snatching killer! A missing emerald also figures into this prime piece of Euro-trash.
Patrizia Gori co-stars
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Cross Current Add to Shopping Cart
Al Brescia 1971
Philippe Leroy, Ivan Rassimov, Elga Andersen, Rosanna Yanni in english with greek subs
Philippe Leroy stars as a speed boat racer who is almost killed during a race due to sabotage.
He sustains a head injury and so retires to his country home to recover. He suspects his wife
(Elga Andersen who provides some nice nude scenes) of having an affair with his best friend
(Ivan Rassimov) so he decides to begin one with a close friend (Rossana Yanni). Meanwhile,
people close to the dysfunctional couple begin to be murdered in brutal ways. Is he
hallucinating because of his head injuries or is someone really trying to kill him. Tonnino Ricci
directs and Giorgio Gaslini contributes a classic Giallo score.
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Deadly Inheritance Add to Shopping Cart
Vittorio Sindoni 1971
Femi Benussi,widescreen print
Femi Benussi stars as one of the heirs of a local drunk but very rich industrialist. When he's hit
by a train it doesn't take long for his survivors to immediately start fighting over the money.
Unfortunately for them, they soon begin to die off in very mysterious but gory fashion. Vittorio
Sindoni directs this obscure but entertaining Italian Giallo.
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Deadly Triangle Add to Shopping Cart
Erika Blanc, in english with greek subs
Letterboxed print. For fans of Erika Blanc (who recently died), the beautiful red haired sex
siren, here is one of her best thrillers. She is tired of her husband and together with her lover
they conspire to kill him. However, things go horribly wrong and it soon becomes a game of
live or dies amongst the three. nice nudity by Blanc and one scene that's a genuine shock.
Highly recommended!
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Death Knocks Twice Add to Shopping Cart
Harald Phillip 1972
Fabio testi, Anita Ekberg, Dean Reed in english with dutch subs
Excellent Giallo with Fabio Testi as a psychotic rich boy always looking for victims. It also stars
Anita Ekberg (before she got fat).
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Death Smiles At Murder Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1972
Klaus Kinski, Ewa Aulin
Letterboxed print. If Alain Robbe-Grillet had gone to Italy to make a horror film, it might look
something like this! The film is the debut feature of future sleazemeister, Joe D'Amato, and boy
is it good. The storyline is very complex and plays with concept of time throughout. Ewa Aulin
stars as a vengeful spirit out to get revenge on all those who caused her agony, including her
incest-loving brother, lesbian inclined housekeeper and others. The film features lots of nudity
and some VERY gory sequences
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Death Steps In The Dark Add to Shopping Cart
Maurizio Pradeaux 1972
Leonard Mann, Robert Webber widescreen print!
Excellent thriller with Leonard Mann and Robert Webber as a woman is killed on a train and all
the people who were in the same cabin are now becoming victims themselves. SEX and
VIOLENCE in the Giallo tradition
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Eyes Without A Face Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Mattei 1994
Monica Sellars
Bruno Mattei directs this sleazy and violent Giallo about a killer who goes around with a pair of
long metal prongs which is used to plop out the eyes of his victims!!Voluptuous Monica Sellars
(LABYRINTH OF SEX) stars in this terrific horror thriller!
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Fashion Crimes Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Gaburro 1987
Miles O'Keefe, Anthony Franciosa in english with greek subs
Driving home from work, Gloria, a beautiful fashion model, ends up at an isolated villa where
her car has broken down. She witnesses a murder and then passes out. Awakening at a
hospital, she tells the police what she saw but upon their investigation, they can find nothing. In
fact, the villa has been empty for 10 years. She's not crazy as soon after, someone is
determined to try and kill her. Is it her creepy psychiatrist (Miles O'Keefe) or has the past and
present mixed and resulted in a bleak future for Gloria. Anthony Franciosa co-stars
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Finishing School Add to Shopping Cart
Narcisco Serrador 1970
Lili Palmer, John Moulder-Brown, Christina Galbo, Maribel Martin widescreen print
Here's a pristine copy of the uncut (104 minutes) Spanish horror film, THE HOUSE THAT
SCREAMED. Lili Palmer stars as the headmistress at a school for bad girls. Her son (John
behind the scenes. One by one, the students are disappearing. Are they sneaking out or
meeting a more grisly fate?
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Game Of Crime Add to Shopping Cart
Romano Ferrara 1965
John Drew Barrymore, Lisa Gastoni
Excellent Black and White Italian thriller starring John Drew Barrymore and Lisa Gastoni. A
family gathers at their country Villa where the patriarch dies suspiciously. Everyone has a
motive to kill the old fart so who really did it? Romano ferrara directs.
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Giallo A Venezia Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Landi 1979
Leonora Fanni, Maria Angela Giordan, Gianni Dei
In Italian with English subtitles. Just in case you haven't yet seen one of the goriest Gialli ever
produced, here's your chance. Beautiful Leonora (KIRA) Fanni stars as a woman married to a
sex pervert. He forces her to have group sex with strangers while he watches. Meanwhile, an
insane killer is gutting prostitutes and any other woman he considers of loose morals (one of
his victims is Maria Angela Giordan, who had her breast bitten off in BURIAL GROUND).
Needless to say, director Mario Landi uses this setup to crank out an all-time Eurotrash classic!
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In The Folds Of The Flesh Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Bergonzelli 1971
Eleonora Drago Rossi, Fernando Sancho
Letterboxed print. If you haven't already, now's your chance to see one of the more outlandish
thrillers from the seventies, full of sex and violence. Eleonora Drago Rossi stars as the Matron
of a really screwed up family. Brother and sister want to do the dirty deed while another
daughter just wants to kill someone. Meanwhile, Mom decapitated her husband years earlier, or
did she as he seems to have returned from the dead! There's even some Nazi exploitation
thrown for good measure. Directed by Sergio (BLOOD DELIRIUM) Bergonzelli
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Internal Darkness Of Monica Add to Shopping Cart
Jean Sorel, Karen Schubert, Barbara Rey, Nadiuska in italian with english subs
letterboxed print. Jean Sorel, Karin Schubert, Barbara Rey and Nadiuska star in
this rare and extremely sleazy (nudity is plentiful by all the women in the cast!) Italian Giallo.
Monica (Naduiska) kills an intruder and faints. She doesn't realize the victim was a man who
was going to blackmail her. The crime was staged but by whom? More killings occur that
implicate she's going nuts.
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Killer On The Telephone Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Mattei 1994
In Italian Only. This 1994 sex-n-horror flick is the newest from Bruno Mattei and Nini Grassia
(LA PURITANA). Women who work at a phone sex company are being attacked and killed by a
psycho wearing a clown mask. Two female cops go undercover in an attempt to trap the killer.
This film features lots of beautiful women and every male asshole in Rome with a ponytail
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Killer With A 1000 Eyes Add to Shopping Cart
Anthony Steffen, Maria Kosti, Britt Nichols in english with greek subs
Anthony Steffen,Maria Kosti, and Britt Nichols star in this excellent Spanish made thriller with
Crime film overtones. Steffen plays a cop who has a murder contract put out on him. Someone
in his own department may be the guilty party
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Libido Add to Shopping Cart
Ernesto Gastaldi 1966
Giancarlo Giannini, Alan Collins, Dominique Boschero, Mara Maryl
In Italian with English subtitles!. Now that you have read the groundbreaking interview with
Ernesto Gastaldi in the new Video Watchdog, check out his work in this seminal B&W Giallo.
Giancarlo Giannini invites his girlfriend (Dominique Boschero), lawyer and his girlfriend for a
weekend at his country home. Soon after arriving, he starts flashing back to Mom and Dad's
old S&M sessions in their bedroom that he witnessed as a child and is slowly driven mad as all
those around him are being bumped off.
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Liz And Helen Add to Shopping Cart
Riccardo Freda 1969
Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee
aka DOUBLE FACE-This remarkable Riccardo Freda Giallo was released here in a poor quality,
pan and scan print that was missing several nude sequences. Well not anymore as this is the
French version with the English track laid on top (a few scenes are still in French). Kinski plays
a rich slug whose wife enjoys the company of women more than his (ain't that a kick in the
balls!). She dies in a car crash but Klaus becomes paranoid when he sees her double in a porno
film made after the crash. Is she alive or is someone trying to drive him mad? A classic now
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Masquerade Add to Shopping Cart
Silvio Bandinelli 1995
Nellie Vickers, Terry Weigel, Joey Silvera
This recent Giallo features lots of nudity, violence and 2 American Porn (Nellie Vickers and
Teresa Weigel) stars trying to act seriously without someone poking them in an orifice. Vickers
plays an LA cop sent to Florence to try and figure out who is killing the local art dealers. She
has a body like a brick shithouse and her local Italian partner (Joey Silvera, another porn star
refugee) decides to investigate it too. Meanwhile more people are being knocked off and
Vickers is the next target. Directed by Silvio Bandinelli
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Murder in A Blue Light Add to Shopping Cart
Al Brescia 1987
Florence Guerin, David Hess
n Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print some below the waist nudity is digitally
censored. David Hess and Florence Guerin star in this excellent Giallo by Al Brescia. Guerin is a
hooker and Hess a cop. They have to team up together because there is a serial killer who is
mutilating and killing hookers. Stylish with nudity and violence, this one's highly recommended
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Murder To The Tune Of 7 Black Notes Add to Shopping Cart
Lucio Fulci 1977
Jennifer O'Neill, Gianni Garko
This Fulci film was released here in a shortened and poorly panned and scannned version under
the title THE PSYCHIC. This is the letterboxed version from Japan. Often overlooked by Fulci
fanatics, this complex thriller features Jennifer O'Neill as the young bride to a successful
businessman (Gianni Garko). She begins having visions and leads police to a body buried in
her husband's villa. He's hauled off to jail when O'Neill discovers her visions are not what they
appeared to be. Letterboxed trailers for THE NY RIPPER, ZOMBIE 2 and Aldo Lado's SCIROCCO
follow the film
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Mystere Add to Shopping Cart
Carlo Vanzini 1993
Carole Bouquet, Janet Agren, John Steiner, Gabriele Tinti in italian with english subs
An assassination takes place and a sleazy photographer just so happens to catch it with his
camera. Carole Bouquet, John Steiner, Gabriele Tinti, and Janet Agren star in this stylish
Giallo/thriller from Italy. Bouquet (who never looked better than here) and Agren are two high
priced call girls who end up getting involved with the killer and before 2 long, Agren is brutally
murdered and Bouquet is on the run from the psychopath. One of the best scores ever was
composed by Armando Trovaioli for this film; it could give John Barry's BODY HEAT a run for its
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Naked Girl Found Dead Near Park Add to Shopping Cart
Al Brescia 1972
Robert Hoffmann, Irina Demick, Pilar Velasquez widescreen print!
Robert Hoffman stars as an undercover insurance agent sent to investigate a rich man's death.
He cozies up to the man's daughter (Irina Demik), follows her home and discovers she has a
weird family (Pilar Velasquez plays her nympho sister) all of whom were capable of knocking
the old man off. One of director Al Brescia's best film.
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Nothing Underneath Add to Shopping Cart
Carlo Vanzini 1985
Donald Pleasance
If you haven't seen this Italian thriller than now's the time. Donald Pleasence stars in this Giallo
centered around a modelling agency (plenty of excuses to show nudity) whose top models are
being killed by a black gloved killer. The brother of one of the victims arrives in Milan to find
out who the killer is. Many more women die before he stumbles across the bizarre motive
behind the slashings.
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If you can't find the film that you're looking for, please email me as I have many more titles available than are listed on the website