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Freddie Of The jungle Add to Shopping Cart


Victoria Veri in english with korean subs

Helene (Victoria Veri) wants to cover a big story so her boss sends her to Africa to find a

missing standup comedian, Freddy Dean, who crashed in the jungle 20 years ago. She meets

her guide (Frank Brana), a sexist pig, along with his two helpersùan Indian chief and a

stuttering klutz. Men in crummy ape suits, natives who do bad standup routines and a race of

Naked Amazons all show up by the time she finally locates Dean. I've seen this, but I can't

believe anyone would make this. A true piece of either shit or classic Euro-trash

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Green Inferno Add to Shopping Cart

Antonio Climati in english with japanese subs

Mondo filmmaker Antonio Climati tries his hand at a fiction film, that at times, stays true to his

documentary roots. Professor Koranz is missing so 4 individuals (1 woman reporter and 3

guys) head off to the Amazon to search for him. The balance of the film details their perilous

journey down the Amazon River. They encounter fish that feed on the intestines of live humans

(you can imagine how they get there!), bat attacks, unfriendly headhunters, anacondas and

more jungle horrors

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Gungala The Virgin Of The Jungle Add to Shopping Cart

1967 1967

Ruggero Deodato in english with greek subs

Terrific jungle girl movie with some nudity provided by lead Kitty Swan. She is a female Tarzan

who looks a lot better in a loin cloth than any male actor. Gungala is attacked by horny and

evil slave traders and must prevent their decimating the local jungle tribes.

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Manaos Add to Shopping Cart


Fabio testi, Andres Garcia, Agostina Belli in english with finnish subs

)- Cruelty and lust on a South American rubber plantation. A cruel master (Andres Garcia)

allows his unfaithful wife (Agostini Belli) to be gang raped everyday by the men who work for

him. Her ex-lover (Jorge Rivero) is about to be castrated (Jeez, remind me to never ever fuck

Garcia's wife!) when a friend (Fabio Testi) helps him to escape. They grab Belli and begin a

torturous trek back to civilization. Of course Garcia and his men aren't about to let that happen

and take after them. The escapees band together with a group of Indios, take over a river boat

(where Florinda Bolkan puts in an appearance), and head back to get their revenge on Garcia

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The Daughter Of The Jungle Add to Shopping Cart


Sabrina Sianni, John Morghen in english with dutch subs

Two guys decide to go on a river trip but end up crashing their boat and becoming stranded in

the jungle. They are captured by natives who are in turn, invaded by thugs looking for rubies.

They are rescued by a beautiful blonde jungle girl (Sabrina Siani who spends the movie either

topless or in G-string jungle attire!). One of the guys wants to exploit her for financial gain

while the other falls in love. Goofy jungle girl fun, the screenplay is by actor John (MAKE THEM

DIE SLOWLY) Morghen.

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Zambo Add to Shopping Cart

Aldaberto Albertini 1971

Brad Harris in english with spanish subs

-Letterboxed print. Excellent jungleman film starring Brad Harris as a man on the run who hides

out in the jungle and becomes a Tarzan clone. Gisela Hahn provides plenty to look at as Harris

goes through his strong man routine. campy and loads of fun

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