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Passion Add to Shopping Cart
Ilonis Mikonis 1979
Ajita Wilson, Femi Benussi
This Italian-Greek production is by the director of THE SWEET BODY OF BIANCA and stars Ajita
Wilson and Femi Benussi. Della is 19 and hates her Aunt (Femi Benussi) so she seduces
Auntie's lover and runs off. Since she is due to inherit a large amount of money, Auntie is
concerned over her whereabouts. Della ends up at a chateau peopled by two criminals (one of
whom is Ajita) and decides to get involved in their complex scheme to make money. Lots of
nudity in this one.
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18 In A Week Add to Shopping Cart
Kim Rossi Stuart, Simona Calivari
In Italian with English subtitles. Paolo (Kim Rossi Stuart) is a young stud who has no direction in
his life until he meets Sami (Simona Cavallari), a beautiful girl who turns 18 in a week. With
his brother in prison, Paolo becomes partners with a car dealer who has ambitions to buy land
and build a large apartment complex on the property. Of course the only way he can do this is
to get involve with the local Mafia. Paolo gets deeper and deeper much to Sami's disapproval.
Simona Cavallari is stunning as Sami (and those frequent nude scenes don't hurt) in this very
downbeat film.
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3 Swedish Girls In hamburg Add to Shopping Cart
Walter Boos 1977
Bea Fieldler, Uta Koepke, Tanja Scholl
German sex comedies may not be examples of European art cinema, but boy do the women
have big breasts! 3 horny Swedish students go to Hamburg to visit an older friend (the tongue
dragging Bea Fiedler!). They end up going on a tour of all the sex shops in Hamburg and have
all types of sexual adventures. Tons of nudity in this one, Uta Koepke and Tanja Scholl co-star.
Walter Boos directs
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  Director: Werner Schroeter 1973

A feminist cult survives by robbing and killing passersby, at their remote desert ranch. The North Star Dhruva cult leader Magdalena refuses to work for the Yankee dollar. Consequently she subjugates her two followers, who are forced to listen to the music of German opera all the time, while Magdalena drinks rum and Coca Cola in the ranch's ornate bar. But the lesbian masochist's iron rule over the rundown California ranch is questioned when a mother-loving young male wanderer, Lord Invader, stops in and romances the cult's meek slave Ila, after his mother is turned away by Magdalena. Schroeter set out to make a film about Marilyn Monroe ten years after her death as a meditation on the new feminism in America. The result was this bizarre chamber melodrama about three women who turn an abandoned shack in the Mojave Desert into a kind of Charles Manson commune. The three lure men to their lair, force them to have sex, then rob and murder them. With a music track that includes Bizet, Yugoslavian folk tunes, the Andrews Sisters and the Blue Ridge Rangers, Schroeter fashions a spectacle of female power which critics have compared to Fassbinder's The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant and Altman's Three Women.

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A Flame In My Heart Add to Shopping Cart
Alain Tanner 1987
Myriam Mezieres
Director Alain Tanner usually makes slow paced, arty farty films but he must have been on
crack when he made this explicit, over-the-top film about sexual obsession. Obviously
influenced by lead actress Myriam Mezieres (who comes across as a raving nymphomaniac),
the film tells the tale of a woman's need for physical love, 24 hours a day!.
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