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3 Supermen In Santo Domingo Add to Shopping Cart
in english with greek subs 1986
Rare english language version of this late entry into the costume superhero genre. The 3
supermen go to Santo Domingo to bust up a ring of counterfeiters and need to use all their
acrobatics to be successful. Goofy fun with a little sleaze to go with it.
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3 Supermen Vs The Godfather Add to Shopping Cart
in english with greek subs 1977
The 3 supermen return in their goofy red superhero costumes!! This time they are up against a
Mafia Godfather who wants them dead. They use all their acrobatic skill to avoid the bullets and
other acts of violence happening all around them! Lots of fun and surprisingly violent at times.
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Devil Man Add to Shopping Cart
Paolo Bianchini 1965
Guy Madison is a secret agent out to protect a scientist and his daughter from a madman
named Devil Man. Lots of sixties high tech heroics.
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Fantomas Add to Shopping Cart
Andre Hunnabelle 1965
Jean Marais, Mylene Demongeot, Luis Funes LETTERBOXED PRINT
In French and for the first time with English subtitles! Jean Marais plays a dual role as both a
cop and the mysteriously masked supervillain, Fantomas. Marais the cop must stop Fantomas in
his plans to rule the world. Marina Vlady co-stars
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Fantomas Strikes Back Add to Shopping Cart
Andre Hunnabelle 1964
Jean Marais, Mylene Demongeot, Luis Funes LETTERBOXED PRINT
In French with English subtitles. Finally here is the sequel to FANTOMAS with English subs. The
masked super villain returns to wreck havoc on Inspector Juve and reporter Fandor (Jean
Marais). Beautiful Mylene Demongeot also returns. Fantomas has kidnapped 2 scientists that
will create for him a zombie army, allowing him to be master of the world! Highly entertaining.
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Fantomas Vs Scotland Yard Add to Shopping Cart
Jean Marais, Mylene Demongeot, Luis Funes LETTERBOXED PRINT
In French with English subtitles. Excellent sequel to the first film with all the regualrs returning
(including Mylene Demongeot and NOT Marina Vlady like I said last time!!). The supervillain
Fantomas returns to plague both reporter Jean Marais but the great British police force.
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Flashman Add to Shopping Cart
Mino Guerrini 1966
Goofy sixties superhero/spy fun with all the kitsch found in Italo-films of that time. A scientist
has developed an invisibility serum but is killed by his evil assistant (John Heston aka Ivano
Staccioli) who uses it to become a super bank robber. Meanwhile, a group of sexy secretaries
are infiltrating banks and substituting counterfeit bills for real ones. And then there's Flashman,
a costumed superhero (complete with British butler!) who's invincible and wears a silver and
red costume.
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Goldface The Fantastic Superman Add to Shopping Cart
Aldaberto Albertini 1965
Oh lord, a superhero/wrestler film from Italy shot in Venezuela! Bitto Adalbertini (creator of the
3 SUPERMEN series) directs this action filled and really goofy film about a masked superhero
who wrestles on the sides (shades of SANTO!). Great music, sexy girls and lots of action.
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How To Kill 400 Duponts Add to Shopping Cart
Steno 1968
Terry Thomas, Margaret Lee, Johnny Dorelli
Letterboxed print. Here's a spoof of Bava's DIABOLIK, starring Johnny Dorelli as Dorellik. He
has a beautiful sidekick (Margaret Lee) and is hounded by Inspector Green (Terry Thomas).
Dorellik is hired by a Dupont to kill off all the other heirs to a fortune (hence the film's title).
Sixties kitsch with a great pop song performed by Margaret Lee. Directed by Steno.
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SuperArgo Vs Diabolicus Add to Shopping Cart
Ken Wood, Gerard Tichy
Widescreen print and gorgeous!!. Ken Wood plays wrestler/superhero Superargo, out to save
the world from a mad scientist (Gerald Tichy who really gets to chew the scenery here!!). Lots
of action and psychedelic cinematography, You must experience all things SUPERARGO!!
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The Saint Vs Dr Death Add to Shopping Cart
Rafael Romero Marchent 1973
Helga Line, George Rigaud, Mirta Miller
Letterboxed print. Rare Santo film from the seventies dubbed into English!! It was a co-
production with Spain which accounts for the English dubbing, it is also responsible for sporting
a wonderful cast of Spanish actors such as Helga Line, Mirta Miller, and Georges Rigaud. Santo
(here known as THE SAINT) is called on to track down and capture the maniacal Dr Death, who
is killing off well known members of society for his own evil purposes
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