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Achtung! The Desert Tigers Add to Shopping Cart
Paolo Solvay 1977
Lea Lander, Richard Harrison, Gordon Mitchell LETTERBOXED PRINT
Letterboxed print. Incredibly sadistic film obviously influenced by the ILSA series. Lea Lander
(RABID DOGS) plays the cruel warden of a Nazi prison camp where the women are singled out
for daily floggings and the men forced to drink their own piss. Gordon Mitchell plays a mean
bastard while the hereo is played by Richard Harrison. Directed by Paolo (SS HELLCAMP)
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Battleflag Add to Shopping Cart
Simon Ward, Peter Cushing in english with dutch subs
It is 1918 and near the end of WW1. The film details the fall of the Austrian Monarchy and the
mutiny that took place in the German Army as many different factions revolt. The film stars
Simon Ward and features a cameo by Peter Cushing
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Commando Leopard Add to Shopping Cart
Antonio Margheriti 1987
Lewis Collins, Klaus Kinski LETTERBOXED PRINT
Antonio Margheriti directed this sequel to CODENAME WILDGEESE starring Klaus Kinski and
Lewis Collins. Collins is the no nonsense Brit leader of a pack of mercenaries as tough as they
look and as crazy as Kinski really was
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Hell's Heroes Add to Shopping Cart
Stelvio Massi 1988
Miles O'Keefe, Fred Williamson, Chuck Connors in english with dutch subs
Miles O'Keefe, Fred Williamson, and Chuck Conners star in this Italian War film by director
Stelvio Massi. O'Keefe plays a renegade officer who takes on a mission doomed to fail.
Conners plays a Senator who wants to see him dead.
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The Night Of The Assassin Add to Shopping Cart
Michael Craig, Klaus Kinski, Eva renzi, Adolfo Celi, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, George
Michael Craig, Klaus Kinski, Eva Renzi, George Sanders, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, and Adolfo Celi
star in this War/espionage film. Allied troops are acting as a police force in Cyprus and are
outclassed by local freedom fighters. Craig wants Renzi to betray her own people to tell him
just who General Hermes is, a local terrorist legend. Renzi looks stunning as a peasant woman
whose son is used to force her to cooperate. In english with greek subs
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The Ravine Add to Shopping Cart
Paolo Cavara 1974
David McCallum, Nicoletta Machiavelli
David McCallum and Nicoletta Machiavelli star in this WW2 drama directed by Paolo (THE
BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA) Cavara. In the frozen waste of Yugoslavia during 1943 and
a parachutist is saved from death by a sniper who kills off the waiting German envoy. The
sniper is a woman and the number one terrorist on the German hit list. She doesn't realize the
man she supposedly saved was sent to kill her!!
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The Vultures Add to Shopping Cart
Henri Verneuil 1984
In French with English subtitles. Jean-Paul Belmondo stars in this film that was remade here
with George Clooney as 3 KINGS. Plot's the same except it's set in WW2. Henri Verneuil directs

WARTIME (1987)-LETTERBOXED PRINT. Directed by: Umberto Lenzi, Stars: Peter Hooten, Werner Pochath, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart. A great veteran Eurotrash cast working with a legendary Eurotrash veteran director! An American soldier (Wooten) is sent on a mission behind enemy lines to rescue a scientist working for the Nazis, but the catch is, he may not want to be rescued! Among the way, the following things occur: 1) The Nazis are surprised at a local brothel, where they were enjoying "Denmark's finest" hookers, while just one guy was guarding the door outside. Great fun. 2) A train is blown right off the tracks, actually looks very good, and I honestly think they blew a real train to smithereens, and not the usual miniature models, so kudos for that. 3) During shoot-outs, time after time we see that the Nazis apparent strategy is "two guys run out into a clearing, hoping to surprise the enemy", and both always gets shot down immediately, not even putting up any fight, just jumping forward, getting shot, and screaming while falling on their asses. 4) Peter Hooten looks so much like Steve Guttenberg, it's scary. I thought this might have been a prequel to "Police Academy", except that there weren't any cops. He also has this smug look on his face throughout, made me wanna punch him in the face, but I didn't wanna break my TV. 5) A local rebel girl looks gorgeous, and one of the Americans fall for her, big surprise...but the biggest surprise was the fact that she was married with the old, fat, rebel-leader with the curly mustache. 6) Our heroes dress up as priests (or rabbi's) to enter the Nazi stronghold.. and surprise-surprise, the Nazis fall for their pitiful disguises, even though their beards look like crap! Man, those Nazis sure were D-U-M-M. No wonder they lost the war.

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