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Creeping Death Add to Shopping Cart

Mario Bianchi 1972

Robert Woods, Susan Scott

aka KILL THE POKER PLAYER. A very odd spaghetti western that has a plot you might see in an

Italian thriller by Dario Argento. A man in black is going around using a sack of deadly serpents

to gain revenge on those who caused him great pain in his past. Susan Scott co-stars and

Mario bianchi directs.

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Lola Baby Add to Shopping Cart


Lola falana, German Cobos, Peter Martell, Erna Scheurer

Letterboxed print. Lola Falana, Peter Martell, Erna Scheurer, and German Cobos star in this

weird Spaghetti Western. Singer and Blaxploitation star Lola Falana went to Italy and made this

western about a prostitute and her fellow workers who come to town and are soon

enetertaining clients at the local saloon (Lola even gets to sing a brassy song right out of the

sixties!!). Still this works as a western too as a local gunman desires Lola but she says no

leading to plenty of gun battles

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2 faces Of The Dollar Add to Shopping Cart

Roberto Montero 1967

Monty greenwood, Jacques Herlin, Gabriella Giorgelli

aka HEAD OR HEADS, letterboxed print. Monty Greenwood, Jaques Herlin, Gabriella Giorgi star

in this classic but obscure Spaghetti Western. Herlin plays an eccentric old timer who claims to

have found gold in his long abandoned mine. Greenwood plays a gunfighter who along with

Herlin teamup to pull a caper against a Union Gold shipment. After Giorgelli is tortured by

outlaws, the entire plan might go awry.

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Anything For A Friend Add to Shopping Cart

Miles Deem 1973

Gordon Mitchell, Dennys Colt, Simone Blondell in english with greek subs

Letterboxed print. Miles Deem western starring Gordon Mitchell, Dennys Colt, Simone Blondell

and Carla Mancini. Two small time crooks discover gold in an abandoned mine. They are soon

in trouble from the town's crooked mayor (Gordon Mitchell) who wants to cheat them of their

new found wealth.

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The Dirty Pistolero Add to Shopping Cart

Al Brescia 1967

Peter Lee Lawrence, Rosalba Neri, Beba Loncar in italian with english subs, letterboxed

Peter Lee Lawrence, Rosalba Neri, and Beba Loncar star in this extremely rare Spaghetti

Western in English at last!! Al Brescia directed and it features one of Bruno Nicolai's best

western scores too!! Rosalba Neri is great in this western (Hell she's almost raped in the first

scene but turns the table on her attacker) about a Rebel who becomes a renegade after the

war but becomes a wanted man after killing an innocent person during a robbery.

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