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Love And Passion Add to Shopping Cart
Tinto Brass 1987
Francesca Dellera
The star of THE FLESH, Francesca Dellera, made her film debut in this classic of cinema by
Maestro Tinto Brass. A couple return to Italy after WW2 where they had left behind lovers. So,
when they return, both search them out to renew those torrid sexual relationships. Dellera
plays the husband's nymphomaniac lover. Score by Riz Ortolani.
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Paprika Add to Shopping Cart
Tinto Brass 1990
Martine Brochard, Debora Caprioglio in italian with english subs
If you're a fan of Tinto Brass and haven't seen this, now's the time (and if you're a newcomer
to his films, this is good place to start!). An ideal place for a Tinto film...a whorehouse! Deborah
Capriglio (who I'm convinced fucked Klaus Kinski to death) stars as a busty virgin (yeah right!)
who becomes the star attraction at a brothel which is obviously based on an Italian male's wet
dream fantasy
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P.O. Box Tinto Brass Add to Shopping Cart
Tinto Brass 1994
Yowsir!! Here is Tinto Brass' latest T&A festival. The man has done for the ass
what Russ Meyer did fop the breast. This film is an anthology that is based on the letters he has
received from his female fans. It involves their fantasies and the great man even appears in
the last segment. Essential.
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Frivolous Lola Add to Shopping Cart
Tinto Brass 1998
Serena Grandi
Yep, it's here and Serena Grandi is one of the stars (and shows she still has a great looking
ass!). Tinto Brass once again comes through with a masterpiece. Monella is the town prick
teaser (she rides through town on her bicycle flashing her undies at whomever wants a peek)
who keeps her boyfriend, step father and others ever ready to jump her bones. Tons of nudity
and all the patented Brass crotch shots in tact
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Black Angel Add to Shopping Cart
Tinto Brass 2002
Anna Galiena
Letterboxed print and in English. Set in Fascist Italy during WW2, Livia (Anna Galiena) is the
wife of a high ranking Italian military official who is headed to Venice to meet with an SS
officer. They have a kinky sex affair and she is soon overwhelmed by events, those taking
place in her country and bedroom!! Extremely well made and an excellent film. Features a
great score by ENNIO MORRICONE
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