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Bandits Of Milan Add to Shopping Cart

Carlo Lizzani 1968

Gian Maria Volonte, Tomas Milian, Ray Lovelock in Italian with english subs

Previous versions of this film (reviewed in ETC #15) looked like shit and were fake letterboxed

to boot!! Gee, I wonder who would do such a thing? Well, here's a great looking english

language copy that is letterboxed for real!! Carlo Lizzani's epic crime film starring Tomas Milian

as a cop in charge of a massive manhunt for 4 violent bank robbers. Gian Maria Volonte and

Ray Lovelock co-star

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The Cynic, The Rat, And The Fist Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1976

John Saxon, Tomas Milian, Maurizio Merli

Here's where Umberto Lenzi thrives, in the Crime film genre! Stars John Saxon, Maurizio Merli,

Tomas Milian and in a sleazy actioner

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Little Italy Add to Shopping Cart

Bruno Corbucci 1978

Tomas Milian, Eli Wallach widescreen print

For fans of the Nico Giraldi series (see ETC #11 for details), here's another entry that is

appearing in English for the first time. Nico (Tomas Milian) robs a racetrack and gets sent to

prison. He's allowed to escape where he hightails it to America (Little Italy, NY to be exact) and

works his way into the local Mafia. His undercover mission is to capture the local Don (Eli

Wallach) and exonerate the bad reputation of the Italian police. Directed by Bruno Corbucci

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Silent Action Add to Shopping Cart

Sergio Martino 1975

Tomas Milian, Luc Merenda, Delia Boccardo widescreen print

Military men are dying in mysterious accidents. Meanwhile, a police inspector (Luc Merenda)

hunts down a prostitute who may be involved in a mobster's murder. Merenda uncovers a

conspiracy between a police undercover squad and the military. Terrific crime film by Sergio

Martino with tinges of paranoia and pessimism mixed in. The video is letterboxed and co-stars

Tomas Milian, Mel Ferrer, and Delia Boccardo

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The Cop In Blue Jeans Add to Shopping Cart

Bruno Corbucci 1976

Tomas Milian, Jack Palance widescreen print

This Nico (Tomas Milian) Giraldi crime adventure was released here in a TV censored, pan and

scan version. Here it is, uncut and letterboxed! Giraldi is an unconventional cop who uses tough

methods to capture the scum of Milan. He's after Shelly (Jack Palance), a crooked diplomat

who's also a crime boss, and at the same time Giraldi is trying to uncover a ring of thieves and

fences. While later films in the series became silly, this one retains the hard edge that made

Italian crime films so popular. Directed by Bruno Corbucci.

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Destruction Force Add to Shopping Cart

Stelvio Massi 1977

Luc Merenda, Tomas Milian, Katia Christine inItalian with english subs

Letterboxed print. Luc Merenda plays a cop who opens the film by massacring a gang of

kidnappers (I guess in Italy you don't have to read them their rights before you mow them

down). Then, when he discovers the Police Commissioner was murdered, he really goes off the

deep end! He teams up with an underworld figure (Tomas Milian) and together they track down

the ones responsible. Stelvio Massi directs and Katia Christine plays the love interest.

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The Evil Trap Add to Shopping Cart

Yves Boisset 1975

Tomas Milian, Marlene Jobert, Michel lonsdale widescreen in french with english subs

Excellent thriller by director Yves Boisset about a former mental patient (Marlene Jobert) who is

hired as a governess. Before long she becomes the focal point of a kidnap and murder

conspiracy plot masterminded by her supposed benefactor (Michel Lonsdale) who uses a

vicious killer (Tomas Milian) to carry it through. Filled with black humor, this one keeps you on

the edge of your seat throughout

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Free Hand For A Tough Cop Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1976

Tomas Milian, Claudio Cassinelli

Letterboxed print. One of Lenzi's better but more obscure crime films, now available in a wide

screen print. Claudio Cassinelli is a tough cop who goes to prison undercover to recruit a con

(TOmas Milian) to help with a case he's working on. Tough and violent, it features that patented

urban gritty musical score.

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Swindle Add to Shopping Cart

Bruno Corbucci 1978

Tomas Milian, David Hemmings, Anna cardini widescreen print

One of Tomas Milian's best entries in the Nico Giraldi series as he plays a Milan undercover cop

who is almost as bad as the people he arrests. David Hemmings co-stars as an Interpol agent

who reluctantly teams up with Milian to catch some international crooks. Anna Cardini co-stars

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The Designated Victim Add to Shopping Cart

Maurizio Lucidi 1971

Tomas Milian, Pierre Clementi, Katia Christine

Beautiful widescreen print. This is director Maurizio Lucidi's spirited seventies take on

Hitchcock's STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. Milian plays a commercials director who wants to sell his

business so he can run off with his mistress (Katia Christine who supplies ample nudity). Only

problem is that his shrewish wife says no and she controls the shares. He meets a very rich

and decadent young man (Pierre Clementi who promises to kill his wife if he will kill his brother.

This is a great example of an obscure Italian thriller that is a perfect blend of direction, musical

score (by Luis Bacalov), and locale (the canals of Venice). Highly recommended

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Beatrice Cenci Add to Shopping Cart

Lucio Fulci 1969

Tomas Milian, Adrianna Russo

Letterboxed print. One of Fulci's lesser known films (probably because previous copies looked

so bad!), but no doubt it's one of his best. Set in the past, a young girl is so abused by her

father (including beatings and rape) that she hires a young man (Tomas Milian) to help her kill

dear old Dad. It turns out to be an ordeal as the old fucker refuses to go quietly and the entire

family has to pitch in and help. Eventually they are all caught, tortured and put to death. God I

just love a happy ending.

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Distant Lights Add to Shopping Cart


Tomas Milian, William Berger inEnglish with greek subs

This is an extremely unsettling film, like an Italian version of INVASION OF THE BODY

SNATCHERS. It centers on the recently widowed Tomas Milian whose son claims he has been

playing with his dead mother. Soon after Milian catches glimpses of her and others who have

recently died. They have no knowledge of their recent past lives and refer to themselves as

lights who come from faraway. William Berger also stars as a father who will do anything to

restore his dead daughter back to life

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