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The Cynic, The Rat, And The Fist Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1976

John Saxon, Tomas Milian, Maurizio Merli

Here's where Umberto Lenzi thrives, in the Crime film genre! Stars John Saxon, Maurizio Merli,

Tomas Milian and in a sleazy actioner

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From Corleone To Brooklyn Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1978

Maurizio Merli

Another crime mini-masterpiece by Umberto Lenzi. Lt Berni (Maurizio Merli) has to make peace

with a killer who's the only witness to a gangland murder that can send Mafia boss Berazi to

prison. The two must travel from Italy to New York with both the Mafia and corrupt policemen

out to kill them

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Manhunt In The City Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1974

Henry Silva, Luciana Paluzzi

Henry Silva plays a successful businessman whose daughter is brutally murdered during a

robbery. Henry of course goes fucking psycho while waiting for the police to do something. He

beats up and then teams up with a transvestite to track down the bastards who ended his

daughter's life. Silva is a one man wrecking crew in this topnotched vendetta film by Umberto


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Mean Tricks Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1992

David Warbeck, Charles Napier

Letterboxed print. Charles Napier stars as Hornsby, a Maurizio Merli for the nineties in this

Umberto Lenzi attempt to jump start the Italian crime film (he even got Franco Micalizzi to do

the score). When his longtime partner Mendoza (David Warbeck) is killed, he suspects a dope

dealer named Laughton. He's forced to teamup with a local rookie who's a pain in the ass and

abhors Hornsby's rough methods. Filmed in Santa Domingo, this is sadly Lenzi's last film so far

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Free Hand For A Tough Cop Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1976

Tomas Milian, Claudio Cassinelli

Letterboxed print. One of Lenzi's better but more obscure crime films, now available in a wide

screen print. Claudio Cassinelli is a tough cop who goes to prison undercover to recruit a con

(TOmas Milian) to help with a case he's working on. Tough and violent, it features that patented

urban gritty musical score.

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Cop Target Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1990

Robert Ginty, Charles Napier in english with greek subs

Excellent Italo-Cop film by Umberto Lenzi (who proves he's still the best when it comes to nasty

and violent action films). Robert Ginty stars as a cop hired by a woman to escort her and her

kids to a fancy awards party. Of course things go wrong and the woman's daughter is

kidnapped. He is told to back off the case which of course just pisses him off and causes him to

start kicking personal ass!! The film co-stars Charles Napier, Barbara Bingham, and Franco


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Oasis Of Fear Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1970

Ray Lovelock, Ornella Muti, Irene Pappas

One of Umberto Lenzi's better thrillers. It stars Ray Lovelock and Ornella Muti (who has some

nice nude scenes) as two drifters who sell nude photos of themselves to help pay their way

across Europe. They stumble across the home of a rich, older woman (Irene Papas) and when

they discover her husband's dead body in the garage, decide to make themselves at home and

blackmail her. Unfortunately for them, she's not someone you want to screw around with

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A Quiet Place To Kill Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1969

Carroll Baker, Jean Sorel,

Letterboxed print. Umberto Lenzi directed this thriller that stars Carroll Baker and Jean Sorel.

She's the older woman who's married to a younger man and is convinced he's trying to kill her

(a popular theme in Lenzi's thrillers). Uncut version with all nudity intact

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Paranoia/Orgasmo Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1968

Carroll Baker, Lou Castel, Collette Descombes

Here's a great deal. This ground breaking Umberto Lenzi Giallo was quite controversial in its

day as it was rated X here in the states because Carroll Baker really showed all. What most

people don't know is that the Italian version is quite different as new scenes were shot, an

entire subplot was added about Baker's husband and even nude scenes were shot from

different angles. So, I am offering the US release and the rare Italian version, letterboxed

WITH English subtitles!!

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House Of Lost Souls Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1989

Letterboxed print. Back in 1969, a crazy motel owner murdered unsuspecting travellers.

Twenty years later, a group of teenagers take refuge in the long abandoned lodge and begin to

be massacred by the original murdered tenants. Directed by Umberto Lenzi with a score by

Claudio Simonetti, the film contains decapitations and other gruesome deaths

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House Of Witchcraft Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1989

Sonia Petrova, Andy Forest

Letterboxed print, Horror films about witches always creep me out (Damiani's THE WITCH is by

far the best in that respect) and here's a good one by Umberto Lenzi. A young man (Andy

Forest) is having nightmares about a house out in the country where a cruel witch boils

decapitated heads. He and his wife are not getting along and so they decide to spend time out

in the country. Turns out the house is the same one as in his dream and so you just know that

old witch is going to show up sooner or later. Sonia Petrova co-stars.

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Hell's Gate Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1988

Giacomo Rossi Stuart

In Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Umberto Lenzi directs this Horror film about a

group of zombie monks who are revived inside a cave and are soon killing off a group of

archaeologists and their helpers. Barbara Cupisto , Giacomo Rossi Stuart, and Gaetano Russo


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Sandokan The Great Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1963

Steve Reeves

Here's a Steve Reeves film that was never released domestically on video. He plays the Indian

hero Sandokan who kidnaps the daughter of a British general in order to get his father

released from prison. If you enjoy jungle adventure yarns, this one is quite good. Directed by

Umberto Lenzi. uncut 115 minute print!

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Operation Poker Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1965

Roger Browne, Helga Line

Stars Roger Browne and Helga Line in a spy film from the mid sixties. Directed by Umberto


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Operation Extermination Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1965

Ingrid Schoeller, Alfredo Lupo, John Heston

Great spy film by Umberto Lenzi starring Ingrid Schoeller, Alberto Lupo, and John Heston with

a great 60s score by Angelo Lavagnino. A criminal organization is creating an anti-radar device

so the US government calls into action agent 008 (I guess 007 was busy making

THUNDERBALL!). Great locations and action, one of the best sixties spy films

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The Spy Who Loved Flowers Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1967

Roger Browne, Daniele Vargas, Yoko Tanni

WOW!! I have been looking for an English language print of this Umberto Lenzi spy film for 40

years! I'm glad I lived long enough to see it! Roger Browne stars as agent Martin Stevens, a

debonair but dangerous secret agent. Foreign agents are on the move all over the world trying

to find a secret formula but Browne is determined to kill off anyone (male or female) who

endangers his mission. The film co-stars Daniele Vargas, Yoko Tanni, Marino Mase, Emma

Daniela, and Lenzi's wife Giovanni! Score by the MAN when it comes to 60s spy films, Piero


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A Gun For 100 Graves Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1968

Peter Lee Lawrence, John Ireland, Gloria Osuna

Peter Lee Lawrence, John Ireland and Gloria Osuna star in this outstanding western by Umberto

Lenzi. Lawrence is rebel officer who is framed for a crime and sentenced to prison. He is

pardoned and attempts to gain revenge on those who framed him. In this odd western there is

one of the more outstanding sequences in all westerns. Lenzi previews his talent for horror

films when he sets part of the film in a lunatic asylum. One night the crazies escape, go to town

armed with hatchets and slaughter the entire populace! Brutal and violent, it almost seems like

it belongs in another film. Great score by Angelo Francisco Lavagnino.Letterboxed Print

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All Out Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi in english with hebrew subs

Mark Damon, John Ireland, Fernando Sancho, Monica randall, Raf Baldassare

Umberto Lenzi directed this Spaghetti Western starring Mark Damon, John Ireland, Raf

Baldassare, Fernando Sancho and Monica Randall. Damon is a bandit known as Copperface and

Ireland is a bounty hunter hot on his trail. Damon comes a cross a treasure of gold which he

hopes to keep and elude Ireland at the same time

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