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European Trash Cinema #1-12

ETC volume 1 #1-#12
$12.95 All the early ETC issues in one booklet !
Victor Israel interview
Alejandro Jodorowsky interview
Salvador Sainz interview
The legendary Death Laid An Egg extravaganza issue

Such a horrendously large amount of reviews that I frankly can't be bothered to list them !


European Trash Cinema #3


Umberto Lenzi Special : Interview and Filmography
Valentina TV series
Michele Soavi interview

Reviews including The Sect, Eyeball, Human Animals, The Icebox Murders, La Morte Vivante, Nightmare Concert, Le Passage and Sweet Movie

European Trash Cinema #8

ETC #8

French Film Special
Dario Argento's Trauma
Brigitte Lahaie interview and filmography
Jean Rollin interview and filmography
Claude Chabrol's trash movies

Reviews including Geissel Des Fleisches, Schamlos, Femmes Dangereuse, Women Behind Bars, Gungala - Nude Panther, Terror Express, Dracula And Company

European Trash Cinema #9

ETC #9
$10 Add to Shopping Cart

Anniversary Issue
Enzo Castellari interview
Mylene Farmer profile
Antonio Pica interview
Femi Benussi profile

Reviews including Dracula In The Provinces, La Banda Vallanzasca, Murder By Design, Keoma, Dellamorte Dellamore

European Trash Cinema #10

ETC #10
$10  Add to Shopping Cart

Carmen Russo profile
Enzo Castellari interview (continued)
The Black Emanuelle series
Antonio Pica interview (continued)

Review including Giallo A Venezia, Farewell Uncle Tom, Maya, Roma Violenta, Gang War In Milan, Count Dracula's Great Love

European Trash Cinema #11

ETC #11
$10 Add to Shopping Cart

The Nico Giraldi series
Alberto De Martino interview
The films of Sergio Sollima

Reviews including Hitch Hike, The Perfume Of A Woman In Black, The Demons, Mil Sexos Tiene La Noche

European Trash Cinema #12

ETC #12
$10  Add to Shopping Cart

Joe D'Amato interview
Brett Halsey interview and filmography
The films of Sergio Sollima (continued)

More reviews than you could shake your fist at ! Including Blood Delirium, Mean Frank and Crazy Tony, The Perfect Killer, Jonathan, The Erotic Rites Of Frankenstein, The Inglorious Bastards

European Trash Cinema #13

ETC #13
$10 Add to Shopping Cart

William Berger interview and filmography
Alex De La Iglesia interview
Stelvio Massi's Mark The Narc series

So many reviews you could tango ! Including Golden Balls, The Forbidden Photos Of A Lady Above Suspicion, Quiet Days In Clichy, Les Deux Orphelines, Vampires, Don't Torture A Duckling

European Trash Cinema #14

ETC #14 -SOLD OUT!! 

Lucio Fulci tribute
Dellamorte Dellamore reconsidered

Is there no end to these remarkable reviews? Not when there are films like The Red Squirrel, Singapore Sling, Night Of The Walking Dead, Nightwatch and Lewd Young Girls out there

European Trash Cinema #15


Erika Blanc interview and filmography
Carlo Lizzani's crime films
Klaus Kinski profile
Dario Argento interview

A suitable side serving of reviews including The Stendhal Syndrome, Full House For The Devil, The Mad Foxes, The Seven Golden Men, Almost Human, The Girl From Trieste

European Trash Cinema #16

ETC #16
$10 Add to Shopping Cart

Ken Clark interviewed
Donal O'Brien retrospective
Pamela Tiffin and Nicos (Singapore Sling) Nicolaides interviewed

Reviews including Confessions Of A Police Captain, Day Of The Cobra, Death In Haiti, Trans-Eurpop Express, Au pair Girl and Tender Flesh